What’s Going On

This week, we are all about summer FUN!   

We’ve gone for all the fun walks!

grabbing starbucks in the middle of the morning just because we can. 😉

We are so thankful for these sweet days!

What’s going on around here?   Just a little bit of this and that, like: sweet sticky notes left on my planner…

and friends who think of you when they have the most precious newborn props to pass along!

These days are silly faces while we are back to school shopping.  ðŸ˜‰ 

I had to take all 3 to get their feet measured in an actual store, but this was a great reminder of why I prefer to online shop for the kids.  hahaha.

These days include fun trips to the city pool in our town!

And late nights picking up Jackson from youth group.  

Seeing all of the kids parked outside of where the meeting was just made my heart happy.  I love those teenagers and their heart for Jesus.

These are the days!!  Happy Thursday, y’all!!  See you on Friday for Friday Favorites!! XOXO Narci


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  1. Awwww!!!! That long line of cars at church is awesome to see! You’ve been having all kinds of fun lately!


    • Great question! It depends on the day, but sometimes he’s with us (and not pictured because he’s a teenager and prefers not to be in every picture. Haha!), sometimes he’s at football, and sometimes he’s doing normal teen stuff like hanging out with friends or sleeping ;). Thanks for asking! 🙂


      • I figured it was those things, but thought I’d ask. My older kid is nine so we all do everything together, but I’m guessing those days aren’t too far ahead for us. Thanks for answering 🙂


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