Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday, and we are hosting Friday Favorites with my girls, Erika and Andrea!  Today marks the end of my modified posting schedule, and I am so happy to back in full force next week!   Summer has been amazing, and we are all set to ease on in to the school year!   Bring it on! πŸ™‚

J Crew Factory

I am loving  J Crew Factory for our transition in to Fall! So fun! This top is cute, and I love the clean lines paired with the little flare on the sleeve!

And, this little shift dress is adorable! Hello stripes!!

Finally, I love these shoes! What a cute updated leopard flat! These would be darling with skinny jeans! 

Eating Healthy πŸ˜‰

How many of you can relate to this?  haha!  My healthy eating habits took a little summer break as well, so I resolved to do better on Wednesday…and I almost made it to lunch time!   I’ll need to be taking baby steps for this evidently. πŸ˜‰

A Quick Recipe

Some girlfriends and I were chatting at the pool about our go to meal when we take dinner to a friend…and this baked chicken wins every single time!

I am not a fancy chef at all, but this recipe is simple enough that it pleases just about everybody!  I cook Split Chicken Breasts (bone-in with the skin) in a CONVECTION oven at 375 for about an hour.  Before baking, I place the breasts on a baking pan, cover them in olive oil and evenly coat in Tony Cacheres cajun seasoning.  There is no such thing as too much of either, so be generous with both. Also, I won’t judge you if you use vegetable oil or another type of oil instead of olive oil.  Spoiler alert: it turns out even better this way, but olive oil is probably the healthier option out of all your choices. haha! ;).  I serve it with Chicken Sausage, wild rice, and fruit salad.  Dinner is done, and everyone is happy! πŸ™‚

Making everyday cleaning a little easier

I posted about the new Robot vacuum that I got this week over on my Instastories, and quite a few of wanted to know my thoughts!  I get great joy from creating a vacuum line or cleaning my floors, so I can’t wait to share what I think of this contraption!

This video doesn’t exist

We bought the Deebot N79 based on the reviews–most people tended to like it more than the Roomba.  πŸ™‚  So, I tried out the multiple settings on our hardwoods, rugs, and carpeted master in our house this week…and my thoughts are this…This vacuum provided a good overall clean on it’s own, but it missed some spots, and was a little random in the way it covered the house.  I still needed to come behind it to get a few spots, and get all the nooks and crannies. However, I think if you are looking for something to pick up dog hair or just a general  cleaning all over…then this could be super useful for that!!!  Also, I had it run downstairs a few times, and I was SHOCKED by how much dust it picked up off my seemingly clean floors.  So, there’s that too!  Overall, I think it’s a good tool in the neverending job of cleaning floors! πŸ™‚  We are keeping ours for sure!

A little bit of Birthday Fun

This week, I celebrated a birthday, and we celebrated with Mexican and sombreros. πŸ˜‰

This and That

And, we watched a gorgeous Texas Sunset as well!

One of my favorite parts of Fall is the knockout sunsets.  This one had me wanting more. πŸ™‚

We’ve been riding our scooters around town…

and meeting our awesome Sunday School class for a fun end of summer swim party!  These kids plus the ones who couldn’t make it are my absolute favorites!

Happy Friday, y’all!  On this weekend’s schedule: a handful of sessions, Jackson’s first high school Fall scrimmage, and all the summer fun! Don’t forget to link up below with your favorites!  I appreciate you!  XOXO Narci


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  1. You are so pretty! Have you thought about getting your brows shaped and waxed? I think it would opn up your face so much more and look cleaner and neater. I have some crazy natural brows myself! I love the brow bar at Ulta. I never thought I could have great brows till I went there. I was shocked at what they could do. Just wanted to share my personal experience with you!


    • Thanks, Suzette! I actually have a great lady who waxes my brows, but I went way too long this last time because I’ve been so busy! Haha! I guess it shows! I just got them redone this morning! Also, I love the Ulta brow bar!!! 😍😍😍


  2. We bought a Roomba when they were first starting to become a thing…like 10-12 years ago? I’m pretty sure we bought it from a Sky Mall magazine. hahahaha. We loved it for awhile but our dogs would attack it!!! Stinkin’ mutts. It finally bit the dust a few years ago and every Christmas I toy with getting a new one. Glad to hear a review on something like it!! Happy weekend, friend!

    That Inspired Chick


  3. This baked chicken looks delicious! I’m trying it tonight. How do you cook your chicken sausage? Do you bake it, then slice it, or slice and bake? Wondering what will be the best way to not dry it out. Thanks!!!!


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