These Three :)

Hey, hey! Well, school starts next week for my crew, and I am going to miss these sweet summer days so much! Each year, at the end of summer, I share a little about our three kids as a little send off before their new school year.  

The Dreffs Kids are off to high school, 3rd grade, and 2nd grade! 

Jackson–Freshman Year

Jackson is going into the 9th grade: his Freshman year in High School, and I’ve heard that these next four years fly by from many people! For the most part, I am just incredibly excited FOR him to experience it all: the classes, the sports, and the friends. Jackson is a great kid, and we couldn’t be more proud of him!  This summer, We have started to see what kind of man he might become….and oh, what a blessing this has been to witness as a parent.  Jackson Dreffs, high school is lucky to have you, my sweet boy!  Somebody mark it down now…I know big things lay ahead in your future,son.  We love you so much!

Luke – 3rd grade

Oh, Luke. 😉 I love this wild boy.  This summer, Luke has provided all the FUN for our family.   Were you reading a book in a chair and then secretly shot by a dart gun?  Did someone put a fake worm in your bed?  Yes, you should probably go straight to Luke for answers to both of these situations. 😉  And, honestly, our house would be so incredibly boring without him.   ❤️Luke truly believes that he’s going to be a professional soccer player some day, and he’s spent all summer perfecting his signature hair style so he’s prepared when that day comes.  ðŸ˜‰  Luke, I know that you are going to ROCK 3rd grade!!!   We are so proud of you and love your soft heart, sweet boy!

Presley–2nd grade

Presley Grace is heading to 2nd grade, and I think we can officially say that she’s no longer a baby but a big girl.  Presley is the bubbly girl in our threesome…she is always smiling and looking for the next patch of fun in her day.  She’s a doer and a hard worker, and I have loved watching her grow into a big kid during what seems like overnight this summer!   If I could, I’d keep her with me all the time…she’s just that easy and sweet to be around! 😉  She is going to be in class with several of her girlfriends this year, and she couldn’t be more thrilled!   We love you, precious girl.  You are going to be amazing in 2nd grade!  You are so smart, and we are so proud of you!

So, there you go!   A little bit about our three.  Here’s to a great school year! Happy Wednesday, friends!! XOXO Narci


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  1. HIgh school? CRAZINESS. And yes, Luke brings the fun! I’m going to call you later this morning to tell you a couple of stories from yesterday that I forgot to tell you. HYSTERICAL!


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