Weekend Wrap-Up and More

Happy Monday, y’all!!  If you need me today, I will be working hard to bring the Dreffs’ household back into order after a busy but fun few days.   Since Thursday, we’ve been to 7 games and my Fall sessions have started back up!  These are the crazy days of our Fall!

So, this happened last week and not over the weekend, but I would be remiss if I didn’t spend a few minutes talking about it!  One year ago, we had our last scarf exchange with our precious Manda.  And, oh how we miss our beautiful friend!

Last week, we met for this year’s exchange, and our hearts were all heavy without her!  Going through losing her has been so hard for each of us.  So, it was such a treat when her sweet husband sent one of Manda’s scarves for each of us to have.  What a treasure, and I am certain Manda would have loved this idea!   She wanted nothing more than to make everyone around her smile!  Here we are with Manda’s scarves

And, here we are with the scarves that we exchanged for this year!  I just love these girls so very much.

On Thursday night, we traveled to Justin, TX to watch Jackson play in his 2nd regular season football game!   Jackson looks great out on the field, and I am so proud of all of his hard work!

Transitioning to high school is no joke, but he has handled it all in stride and with such grace!  I sure do love that big boy!

On the way home, we stopped at Bucee’s….And, as Garth would say, you can blame it all on my roots. 😉

On Friday morning, we were all smiles for the weekend!

And, on Saturday, these two were game day ready!

You may remember that I am coaching Presley’s little cheer squad this season!  This is my first time to coach, and, oh my stars, we are having a blast!

I have the cutest squad, and they just beamed  during the entire game! 

When I rounded them up after the game to talk about how it went, I got a little teary!   We’ve been practicing for about a month, and I was just so proud of how hard they had worked and performed!   

On Sunday, we were up bright and early for church and then went directly to Luke’s soccer game about 45 minutes away!  Luke had a great weekend of soccer!  

And, afterwards, I went out to do my sessions… but first I had a very special package waiting on me from the weekend!  

My girl, Shay, is coming out with her new cookbook, Simmers, and oh what a treat it is!  The cookbook is beautiful, easy to read, and full of delicious slow cooker recipes!  I plan on working my way through all of the amazing recipes starting this week.  It is the perfect cookbook for busy mamas, and you can preorder your copy here!

Happy Monday, friends!   I’ll see you back here tomorrow! XOXO Narci

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