Weekend Wrap-Up

Hey, y’all!!   It was another busy weekend over here!   I had to laugh when one of my girlfriends sent me this over the weekend.     😉

I know our days won’t always be so crazy and full…so we are just choosing to enjoy the chaos while it lasts. 🙂  

Our weekend was full of lunch dates because it was Friday

Lots of sessions for me…and two girls who were ready for two hot days at the soccer fields. 🙂

Our weekend was for volleyball, and seeing sweet throwback pictures pop up in my feed.

Do you see tiny Luke in his very first soccer game?  He refused to move from his starting position the entire game! haha!

Our weekend included church, a fun night with my Sunday School girls, and a great night coaching these sweet cheerleaders!

Sharing this cheer experience with Presley has been so special!   What a fun memory for us!

Did you see that we did a giveaway on Friday??

I hope so, because are giving away a free engraveable necklace!  I just love mine so much!

And the winner is Shayla Burton .   Congratulations, girl!!

Happy Monday, friends!  I will see you back here tomorrow! XO Narci

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! That first soccer team was so much fun. It was also HYSTERICAL! Look how happy Carter’s blurry face is going for the ball. And sweet Luke just standing there. And now, you’ve got a little soccer star on your hands!!!


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