Carpool Book Club

Hey, y’all!! It’s the last Thursday of the month which means it is time for Carpool Book Club!

Each month, I share about the books that I’ve read!   These are the books that sit on my nightstand and that I read as a busy mama of 3 kids who are always on the go.   Before I started reading, I had a lot of empty space during the in between time.  You know, the time when I am waiting for an appointment or sitting with the kids outside….picking up a good book is my favorite way to pass that extra time now .  🙂  I have to admit that I was a little off my game this month…I loved a few, and I just kind of got through the others!  Want to hear about what I thought?  Here we go!

The Light we Lost

Okay, so I read this one, and it was such an emotional roller coaster!   This love story was tragic and sweet and full of drama!   I’m not sure this is my favorite kind of book, but it was so well-written and easy to read.  If you are into this type of love story, then this is your book!

Instant Mom

Next up, I read this book, and oh my heavens was it good!!  It was funny and honest and so refreshing!  If you’ve experienced fertility problems or are considering fostering, then this is a great option!    I loved this one!

It’s Always the Husband


Next up, I read this thriller, and I have to admit that this was not one of my favorites!  It’s long and windy, and there is a lot of drug use that just really turned me off….Plus, I just didn’t feel invested in any of the characters in this one, because they were so unlikable!  The twist at the end was awesome though, so there’s always that!

Class Mom

Before we left for Mexico, my Amazon Prime book order got delayed and then cancelled…so, Erika lent me this book while we were gone, and oh my it was so good!!   I literally laughed out loud at this one!! It’s about a character that acts as the room mom for her youngest son…and all with a heavy dose of humor.  You will love this one!

Jesus Always

And, finally, I was walking through Sams Club and came across this little devotional!   The entry for that particular day spoke to me, so I checked it out and loved it!  This devotional would be a perfect introductory devotional if you are looking to start having some quiet time!  If you need a simple, easy to read, and encouraging devotional, then this one was perfect for that!

What’s coming up?

Remember how I said that some of my books from this month didn’t make it?  I reordered the ones that didn’t come and will be reading them next month!

Looks like I have a fun month of reading ahead! Woohoo!  What books have you read this month?  Leave a comment with your faves, or you can link up below!  Happy Thursday, friends!

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  1. I can’t wait to read that thriller next month too! Class Mom was cute. There were points in the book I was mortified for her! Hahaha!


  2. My September Books were just ok. I’m currently reading Killers of the Flower Moon which I will finish in October. But it’s really good if you like non-fiction, and probably if you don’t like non-fiction 🙂 It reads like a mystery/suspense.


  3. The Two-Family House by Lynda Cohen Loigman is excellent. If You Only Knew by Kristan Higgins was recommended to me and I am enjoying it so far. It is light chick lit.


  4. I loved Class Mom too! And The Light We Lost was just confusing!! I didn’t know if I liked it or hated it or just hated the choices they were making or what! hahaha! I can’t wait for you to read On Second Thought!! It’s so good!! That and If You Only Knew are my favorite Higgins’ novels by far. And you will love The Break Down!
    That Inspired Chick


  5. If you love Jesus Always you will love Jesus Calling! I ordered Jesus Always for a friend because we both love Jesus Calling, and I can’t wait to order one for myself! Sarah Young’s devotionals are the best 🙂


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