What’s Going On

Hey, y’all!!  We have a full week over here!   It’s homecoming week which means all of the Texas Mums and traditions!

I stopped by the mum store last week (yes, such a place exists!), and I couldn’t get over all of the mums that have been made for all the schools in our county.  It’s a crafter’s dream, and a non-crafter’s worst nightmare! haha!

We’ve been over here making dinner together…

Also on the agenda?  I’ve been editing cute 1 year sessions.  This baby girl was one of my newborns and has come to see me for all her milestone sessions as well!   Oh what fun it has been to watch her grow!

I introduced Jackson to the fine art of TP-ing a house.  I’m proud to report that he’s a quick study and that we had a great time.  I should note that we did this to a family friend and we took it very easy on them.  haha.

What’s going on?  Oh, just a whole lot of CRAZY and a whole lot of fun!

Poor Dixie! She is well loved! 😉

What’s going on? A few sweet newborn sessions…

And, as always, a whole bunch of sports.

These are the days.  We will miss the chaos someday, I’m sure of it. 😉

Happy Tuesday, friends!! XOXO Narci

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