Photo 101: Planning for Fall Family Photos, Part 2!

Hey, y’all!!  Today is our awesome monthly feature, Photo 101, which is all about photography!  It has been a big hit with you guys, and I am so happy to be answering your photo-related questions again and sharing a few tips along the way!!     Each month, we will talk about various topics.  So far, we’ve discussed:

taking great pictures with your iPhone

where to print you images

photo storage

 being a mom with a camera

composing your images

editing workflow

photographing small children

Today, we are talking about dressing for Family photos!!  This is easily the number one question that I get from my clients!   I am so happy to be sharing my answers with y’all here today! I divided this topic into two categories….Yesterday, I listed some of my favorite guidelines…and today, I am showing some actual items that I think would be great for Fall Family photos this season!   Here we go!   Part 2!  If you’d like more details on these items, you can click on the image!

First, I am looking at you, mamas!   I love a simple or flattering silhouette with a fun pattern!  This precious polka dot dress fits the bill perfectly!

And, please give me all the stripes!   I own this dress, and it is comfy while still providing a clean line that looks great in photos!! Oh, friends, give me all the fitted jackets.  I love these, because a tailored dimension to your outfit that is really flattering.   🙂 This utility jacket is just the cutest!
This top is an excellent way to introduce plaid to your wardrobe plan without doing a button down!   Plus, the sleeve has a great detail!   I love that it’s flowy too!Currently, grey jeans are all the rage, and I am a big fan…Plus, this is a great way of introducing denim  without it being too casual.  I love this darker wash grey jeans for Family photos!My mantra–when in doubt, add a scarf to it.    This plaid scarf is gorgeous, and is an easy way to add visual interest to an image!

And, I love the color of this cable knit  scarf as well!  This color is universally a good color for most people plus it adds s touch of coziness to a photo as well!

Last week, I was at the mall, and I ran across these darling leopard flats.  The price point is good, and I was shocked by how comfortable they were.  I think they’d be the perfect pop for any Family photo session. 🙂

Need some inspiration for the boys in your family?   I have you covered there!   I love a good button down for boys

paired with a puffer vest
And, the possibilities are nearly endless for girls!   If you want to make a big investment, we love Matilda Jane for a unique and whimsical outfit!   Also, I absolutely love some of the options that Old Navy has for girls as well!  This dress and cardi would be a sweet dressier look…

And, I love that darling cargo jacket with the floral dress!  A few other dresses that I love… paired with either of these vests would be just precious!

There you go!! All kinds of great options for Family pictures!!  Hope you found something to inspire your wardrobe choices this Fall and Holiday season!!  Happy Thursday, friends!! XOXO N

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  1. We took our photos last weekend and I had bought the cream colored floral dress from Old Navy for my daughter…my husband said that wasn’t a good dress for photos! Thank you for helping me prove him wrong 😉


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