Homecoming in Texas: Mums and More Explained

Hey, Hey, friends!  Happy Monday!!  After touching a bit on it here, quite a few of you have asked me to explain  about Texas Homecoming, Mums, and all of the traditions involved.

It’s no surprise that we do things a little over the top down here when High School Football is concerned.  😉

I am convinced that Texans become their most obnoxious on subjects like TexMex and Homecoming. However, I love a good tradition: the crazier, the better.  So, I bring you Homecoming in Texas…. Thank you for loving me anyway. 😉

Most of these traditions are the same as when I graduated high school! However, a fun new tradition has started in the past few years!  The boys (or girls!) ask their date in a creative way.

Jackson and I perused Pinterest for some ideas, and, oh my stars, the options run the gamut.  Bring on incorporating all of the funny puns, the romantic gestures, and the twinkling lights.  In the end, we decided that no one can say no to fancy donuts!  From what I understand, Most of the kids clear with their date that they are actually interested in going to Homecoming with them…before they go to all this trouble to ask.  This takes the pressure off the situation and just makes it fun!

After he asked his date, we ironed out the rest of the details!

The boys either make or buy a decorated “mum” for the girls, and the girls do the same for the boys in the form of an arm “garter”.

While I fancy myself to be good with a glue gun, I just felt safer leaving this to the professionals.  So, we made the trip to the “Mum Store” two towns over and cooked up this little masterpiece. 😉

Legend has it that these started as small corsages filled with a single Chrysanthemum flower and a few ribbons.  Oh, how times have changed.  😉

I should note that these can be up to 50% less obnoxious, but I can’t NOT check a box that asks if I want to add a “multi-colored feather boa”.  Some people might think this makes me quirky and fun, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. 😉

The night before the Varsity Football game, these two boys went over to exchange mums/garters with their dates.  The 4 of them know each other well, so it worked out perfectly!

Here’s the garter that Jackson’s completely precious date ordered for him.  He plays the Violin, so she went for a musical theme….and we all loved it so much!

So, the kids wear their mums and garters to school on the day of the Varsity Homecoming game.  And, yes, they are big…and, I am sure they are super distracting and hard to walk with…but here’s my thoughts on all that….Being a teenager these days is way harder than it was way back when we were bopping along to Boy Bands and shopping at Limited too! 😉 Life for teens now is full of rigorous class loads, social media at its finest and worst, and just so many grown up expectations!

So, if the kids still think it’s fun to walk around wearing cowbells and giant flowers…then I’m thrilled that they still find time for simple pleasures.  🙂

Back when I was in high school, we wore the mums to the game, but most of the students choose not to at our school.  🙂  The cheerleaders and dance team hang their mums on the field fence still, and it’s just such a festive sight during the game!

The students hang out in the student section and cheer for the team and just have fun!  And, at halftime, they announce the Homecoming Queen and King.

Our family sat in the reserved seating with the rest of the parents and families and far away from the students.  We also bought out all of the snack bar foods, because NACHOS TASTE BETTER AT FOOTBALL GAMES.

Most High Schools have a dance the next night, but our school decided to change that a few years back.  Instead, they hold a FUN Fall carnival for the students the next day!

All in all, it is such a fun experience for the kids and really is Texas at her finest!  I’ve heard that other states have started the mum and garter traditions as well, and I love that!

I just thought I would leave you with my favorite moment from the night!  This is a video of the drumline killing it on the sideline while the cheerleaders dance, and the energy is just the best.  We’ve made a point of taking our kids to 1-2 hometown high school football games each Fall since Jackson was a toddler.  And, I love that their memories will be peppered by the strong beat of a drumline, the crowd leaping to their feet after a big touchdown , hugging and high-fiving classmates, teachers, and friends at games.  Roots  and community are something so sweet to revisit as you get older, and Texas does that so nicely underneath the shine of the Friday Night Lights. 🙂

This video doesn’t exist

Happy Monday, friends!  See you back here tomorrow! XOXO Narci

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8 replies

  1. I do love traditions too, so nice to have some things that don’t change much in a world that is quickly.
    Love that drum line and the cheerleaders, so cool. We don’t have much of that kind of thing here in Australia unfortunately. Thanks so much fir the explanation, it was lovely to understand your traditions and the high value within them. Have a beautiful Monday 😊


  2. I’m so glad you explained the mum tradition to us all. As a Missouri girl, we had the small carnation. You know the way your mum one day began. 😉 And I can never turn down a nacho at a sporting event. Ever.


  3. When I was in high school, we were still pinning our mums to our clothes…which obviously ruined whatever top/dress you were wearing! It looks like you now wear them like a necklace with something around your neck? Much better idea!


  4. Oh, this makes me miss home so much! Thanks for posting about homecoming, there was nothing more fun than sporting our mums. Love it!


  5. I will forever love the mum tradition — although some of them are OUT OF CONTROL, ha! I’m surprised to hear that they don’t wear them to the game, though!?! I remember sporting that thing all day and night long and ruining my shirt in the process 😉


  6. I’m a Texas girl that loves a good homecoming Mum tradition too! Our school/town also has a parade! I take my kids every year. So much fun! I also can’t resist that warm fuzzy feeling of the Friday Night Lights.


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