What’s Up Wednesday

Hey, y’all!!  Happy Wednesday!   Sorry to be out yesterday, but Luke and Presley have had a nasty little run-in with Poison Ivy on their face. We tend to be super allergic to it in our family, so it means serious business over here. So, I’ve been busy nursing two cuties back to health. 🙂

Today, I am linking up with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel for their super FUN link-up: What’s up Wednesdays.  I just love sharing what is going on with us every month!   Let’s get started!

The last Wednesday of each month, we answer these questions.  Here we go!

What we’re eating this week….

We are making our way through Shay’s awesome new cookbook, and it has made my dinner planning so easy!  I love all of the slow-cooker recipes!

In the past few weeks, we’ve had Taco Chili, Chicken Flautas, Beef Stroganoff, Beef Enchilada Tacos, the Pulled Pork, the Cheesy Chicken Pasta and more from this cookbook!  It’s the best!

What I’m reminiscing about… 

This weekend, we had the best time at our Harvest Party!

It’s an annual event, and we always have such a good time with our friends!   Look at all of these sweet kiddos!

and all of the sweet mamas!

What I’m loving…

Jackson had his first High School Orchestra performance, and they were amazing!!

And, seeingJackson in his first Tux brought this mama to tears! He’s such a sweet boy.

What I’m wearing…


The weather is starting to cool off, so I am wearing this precious ruffle sweater.  It is really darling on!

this sweatersimilar jeansthese shoes


And, this one is perfect for our mild Texas Fall or underneath a great cardi.

this sweatersimilar jeansthese shoes


And, I LOVE the neckline on this sweater.  It’s a little flirty but super cozy at the same time!  Win-win!

this sweatersimilar jeansthese shoes

What I’m dreading…

nothing at the moment

What we’ve been up to…

Oh, just a quick snuggle with this cute boy!

and just the normal soccer, volleyball, football, cheer, and work shuffle!

What I am working on….

I am making my way through my Fall calendar, and it is going great!

Hop on over to my Photography page if you’d like more info on that!

What I’m watching or reading…

As a matter of fact….Tomorrow, I will be sharing my latest reads as a part of our Carpool Book Club!

I can’t wait to share what I have been reading with you!

What I am looking forward to next month!

Oh, gosh!!  We have a busy November!

Next month, we are celebrating Presley’s birthday, hosting DNow for our youth at Church, celebrating Thanksgiving and our Anniversary!  What a fun month!

Bonus Question: What’s your favorite Thanksgiving side dish

I’m probably all alone on this, but give me all the Green Bean Casserole. Ha! I love the fried onions, the casserole, all of it!

Happy Wednesday, friends!!  See you back here tomorrow for our Carpool Book Club! Thank you so much for the fun link up, girls! XOXO Narci

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10 replies

  1. The link to the sweater below the ruffle one isn’t working. Takes me to the off-the-shoulder one. How do I find the cozy v-neck sweater? Thank you!


  2. Yes. I love old school Green Bean Casserole….with the canned green beans and the canned cream of mushroom soup. 🙂 Hope the kids are on the mend! Carter has been missing him some Luke at school!


  3. Oh no!!!! Praying that Luke & Presley feels better soon. That picture of you and Jackson is just too sweet!! I’m seriously loving that cold-shoulder ruffle top!! Happy Wednesday!!


  4. Prayers to you Presley and Luke! I love the idea of High School Orchestra and wearing a tux. How fun to watch. I can only imagine how proud you were. I love greenbean casserole too. I love all the sides 🙂


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