Presley’s Magical GlampOut Birthday Party

Hey, y’all!  On Thursday, we celebrated Presley’s birthday with a Magical Birthday GlampOut!   Last year, we took a few of her girlfriends to the American Girl store, so she was itching for something bigger this year!

She was torn between a Unicorn theme and Glamping, so we combined the two!   I think it turned out super cute!

I love a good paper invitation, but this year we went for an electronic invitation and it turned out darling!     I took a few  videos of all our decorations, so if this is your thing…then check it them out!!

This video doesn’t exist

I loved the sweet, bubbly nature of this party–it just matches Presley’s personality perfectly!   Hello, rainbows, flowers, and twinkling lit “campgrounds”!   

We had smores cupcakes with these CUTE unicorn toppers!

and gave out these Unicorn headbands as favors to each of the girls! 

I set up a teepee in the breakfast nook area…

and added a little unicorn horn here and there for a more magical touch….

These pink canopies in the living room gave a pretty whimsical look to it all! 

Originally I didn’t plan on having any decorations on this table, but it was looking a little bare….so I picked up some pillow stuffing and spread it out to look like clouds…..I sprinkled it with some glitter, and problem solved!

As the girls arrived, we worked on making flower crowns

and then we went on a scavenger hunt around the house and neighborhood.  Don’t let these sweet faces fool you!  These girls were INTO the scavenger hunt portion.  I gave Presley the first clue, and they found the rest from there.  All of the clues were on that same design of note card, and each girl had a turn reading the clues for everyone to hear.

The last clue was in the mailbox and was a little different!  I took a quick picture after the girls found it!

It led them to a park that’s two doors down….We had “Unicorn Poop” (rainbow marshmallows) waiting there for them.  haha!  It was too cute!

Afterwards, we grilled hot dogs over the “campfire” and told scary stories, sang campfire songs, and such.

After dinner, it was time for cupcakes

and then craft time!   My adorable neighbor, Alli, is in 6th grade and runs her own slime business (she makes it and sells it!)  I love this (and her!!), so I hired her to come by and do a slime craft with the girls!  They made unicorn slime, and they had a blast! 

Then, we played Pin the Horn on the Unicorn and opened presents!

I am so thankful that Presley has such special girlfriends!   These three are just as precious as can be! 

We had the best time celebrating our sweet girl! 

Our last guest left, and I turned out the lights after picking up just a bit….Luke was playing in the championships for his league, and we didn’t want to miss it!

And, they landed 1st place!

It was a great night for the Dreffs crew!

We have a meeting on Presley’s actual birthday plus a tourney and DiscipleNOW weekend in the next two weeks, so we will celebrate on her actual birthday with dinner with the family and a birthday cake.  What a special night for our little girl!  We had the best time! Happy Monday, y’all!! XOXO N

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  1. Ebby Lee had so much fun! She came home chatting nonstop about all the fun and I have no doubts she was dreaming about unicorns when she fell sleep.


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