Thankgiving Tradition Ideas

Hey, hey friends!!   A while back, I asked for your recommendations for ways to make our Thanksgiving more meaningful, and you guys had the best suggestions!  So,today, I am sharing some of YOUR ideas for the rest of us!   Thank you so much!

Thankful Tree

One of my readers suggested this, and I loved this idea!   During the week or month of Thanksgiving, you have your family write something that they are thankful for on a foam leaf.  Then, you display them on a wall at your home or on some branches in a vase.

Gobbler Games

These are fun Minute-to-Win-it type games that are perfect for after mealtime and get everyone involved in the fun!

Inviting Extra Guests

Some of my readers invite extra guests to their big family meals, and this is such a sweet idea!   This makes it fun and exciting to see what new faces will show up each year in addition to an easy way of loving on friends who don’t have family closeby!

Thanksgiving Tablecloth

For this one, you buy a vinyl tablecloth and have your guests write what they are thankful for in Black Sharpies on each Thanksgiving Day.  The Tablecloth gets pulled out each year, so it’s fun to see what everyone says from years past!


Quite a few of you volunteer at soup kitchens or with families in need on Thanksgiving, and I am so inspired by this.  Why have we never done this on Thanksgiving.  Great idea!

Family Board Game Night

Maybe the Gobbler Games aren’t your thing, but who doesn’t love Family Board Game night (or Card game night, right?) with a side of Pumpkin pie.  This is a great idea if you are a Football watching family!   This could happen while the game is on!

Pie Night

This idea is pure genius!   So, a night or two before Thankgiving, one family hosts “Pie Night” for family and/or friends.  I want to tell you that I read the title of  this family’s geinus idea.. and instantly knew I was doing this.  “Pie Night” and I were meant for each other. haha.  Anyhow, you know how it seems that you can never really sample all the pies on Thankgiving because you are so full from the meal?  On Pie night, you have all the pies ready and get to really enjoy a bit of each one.  I am thinking an appetizer menu dinner would be perfect with this as well!  The Dreffs are totally doing this! 🙂

Big Breakfast and Watch Parade 🙂

Finally, There’s nothing better than cozying up with a big breakfast, some coffee, and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade.  If you need us on Thanksgiving morning, this is what you will find us doing for sure.

There we go!  I hope you found some great ideas for you to use in the upcoming weeks!  I can’t wait to  spend some time with my family making memories, and I hope this helps you do the same with yours.  Happy Tuesday, friends! XOXO Narci

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