Happy 8th Birthday Presley!

Today, Presley is turning 8, and oh what a joy this girl is to us!

Presley is sweet as pie and full of fun.  After going through so many years of infertility before Luke, we were just emotionally tired and not sure that we wanted to go through all that again and try for another baby.  So, when Luke was 6 months old, we decided that he’d be our last.   And, then, about 3 weeks later, we found out we were expecting this little lady. 🙂   I love the way that God works, don’t you?

Presley is always happy …She is easy to love, outgoing, and always up for her next adventure.  Presley is kind and compassionate, and leaves a trail of giggles and cartwheels wherever she goes.  🙂

All of our kids are rule followers, but Presley Dreffs WAS MADE TO FOLLOW RULES.  Girlfriend loves a rule, knows all the rules, knows all the rules that the people around her should be following, and finds herself to be the general keeper of all the rules.

I am so glad she’s here to keep us all straight….Someone’s gotta keep this ship moving forward. 😉

Presley is determined and hard working, athletic, and is protective of her people.   She’s the kind of person who just throws herself into her next adventure without ever wondering if she’ll fail.  I just know she will take this world by storm some day because of it. 🙂

Presley is an animal lover

and a dance because you hear good beat dancer…

She’s a team player

and a little bit of a dreamer

And, oh, I am so thankful that she’s mine.

Happy Birthday, my precious girl!  We love you so much!

We celebrated Presley with her friends a few weeks ago, because we knew this week was crazy!  Today is the Thanksgiving celebration at her school, our family celebration with our girl, and the beginning of DNOW weekend through our church.  We will be hosting a group of teens for a fun weekend, and we can’t wait for all the fun to begin!

Happy Thursday, friends!! XOXO Narci

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  1. Happy Happy Birthdayto sweet Presley! I hope this year is a great one! I love that she’s the keeper of all the rules. With two brothers, someone has to have that job. Right? 😉


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