A “Royal” Interruption

Hey, hey, y’all!   Happy Wednesday!   Today, I am taking a break from my normal everyday programming so we can have a little girl talk session.  I posted about my royal obsession over on my Instagram recently, and you guys were in agreement.  We all are a little royally obsessed. 🙂

A few of you asked me to make a blog post out of the whole topic, and your wish is my command! 😉

img_2863img_2861So, Prince Harry has seemingly turned in his wild man ways for the married life to Meghan Markle…a famous American actress who is kind of a wild card pick for the royal family!  Among the more interesting facts about her: She’s 3 years older than him (you go, girl), and she’s been divorced once.   Seriously, I’m here to tell you that I can’t get enough of the news coverage!

My friend Meagan tagged me in their press interview, and they both seemed very sweet and charming.


Apparently, the proposal came while they were roasting chicken at home! haha!  I kind of feel like Prince Harry could have done better than that, but to each his own.  It made me think of when Robert proposed …The proposal was all very sweet and such. Afterwards, we went to have dinner at Cici’s Pizza Buffet because we were 1. Poor. and 2.  Really craving their dessert pizza. #youknowitsgood

Anyway, this engagement took me down memory lane, because wasn’t it just yesterday that Will and Kate were married? 🙂  She was a breathtaking bride, an I right?

img_2870img_2868img_2867img_2866And, then, of course, along came Prince George.  I can’t even with his baby cheeks.  img_2872img_2874

and, then, they welcomed a baby girl Charlotte.  And, the ovaries of women all over the world exploded.  😉img_2873

WHY is this family so fun to follow??  I can’t even handle the cuteness!img_2877


So, anyway, tell me YOUR thoughts on the royal engagement.  I read that the wedding will be this coming Spring!  Are you a superfan?  Are you taking a day off work to watch their big day?  img_2860

I can tell you that I’m president of the fan club for her ring! Just beautiful!

I need to hear all your thoughts!  Sound off in the comments!  Not a royal fan? No worries–we will have our book club link up tomorrow! See you then! XOXO Narci

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  1. Huge fan!!! I love this royal couple and I can not get enough of the coverage!! From the happiness they just radiate to her chic fashion and their humanitarian work they are a beautiful couple to watch!! Except I will miss her on Suits!


  2. Total royal fan! I was in college when Will and Kate got married and he had a royal watch party at like 4 am complete with champagne 😂 I read yesterday the wedding will be in May! (Can’t be too close to the arrival of the new baby!)


  3. I think they are ADORABLE, and they look very happy. She was the CUTEST, the way she hung onto his arm and hands, and they just look happy and great. She is classy and beautiful and will be a great addition to the royals.


  4. Love watching the coverage! I’m still in shock that she used to be one of the women who opened the briefcase on Deal or No Deal. Her ring is stunning. Can’t wait for May. Royal wedding and that beautiful new baby will be here by then.


  5. Eeek!! Love them! And the proposal totally made me laugh because my hubby took me to dinner at Olive Garden to propose but got nervous & propsed to me in the parking lot of …. wait for it … Toys R Us! 😂 One of the many reasons I love him!


  6. I love this royal news. I did not expect the engagement announcement quite so soon though. I like how The younger generation (starting with Princess Diana, and continuing with Princes William and Harry) are changing up our vision of “The Royals”. I think it’s bringing new life and pizzazz into their realm.


  7. I’m with you on the royal obsession!! I’m a huge Kate fan! I woke up in the middle of the night for the Royal wedding and plan to do the same for this one! I don’t know anything about Meghan so it’ll be fun to “get to know her.”


  8. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Megan?! I see a resemblance!!

    I remember I was in my freshman year at TCU and my entire sorority woke up to watch the Royal Wedding…even though it was during finals week…but I digress 😉 A few of us are going to get together to watch this one!


  9. I am absolutely beyond excited, and completely obsessed with all the royal news!! I will DEFINITELY take the day off to watch coverage – I remember getting up at 4 am to watch Kate and Wills wedding coverage. Seriously, I hope this means they will replay THAT coverage at some point soon. (i have a problem….)


  10. She is beautiful and he is so handsome and they look very happy! I can’t wait for the birth of the new baby and the upcoming wedding also. I will get up early to watch it and I bet I can talk my hubby in to getting up early with me if I entice him with mimosas (that sounds very royal too!).


  11. I hate to be skeptical but I totally am of her. I feel like they are just too different. I fear it won’t last! Sorry, I don’t mean to be a hater! I hope I am wrong!!


  12. I’m not usually a huge fan of the royals. Kate Middleton’s style is amazing. This couple has me all excited for their royal wedding. She’s gorgeous!


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