Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday, and we are hosting Friday Favorites with my girls, Erika and Andrea!  I have a sweet little list of favorites, just our every day fun this week!  Let’s get started!

I saw this during my quiet time, and I just loved reading this!

In case you were curious, I am doing this devotional right now!

Miss Presley has been asking to take a ballet class for a few months now, so she started this week and was in PURE HEAVEN.

I loved watching her do her thing!   Ballet was a big hit for this girl! 

This boy made my mama heart happy  all decked out in his Ole Miss gear this week!   He is definitely a favorite!

My favorite also: our family playoff bracket.  It’s getting pretty heated up in the Dreffs house!  We are a competitive group, but Presley is in 1st place!   She picked her bracket based on the mascots! 😉

The kids went back to School this week.  After a few weeks of vacation, a little structure was our favorite!

and we’ve been getting into our normal groove with Volleyball


This video doesn’t exist

and I’ve been using my favorite vacuum cleaner

I surprised the kids with tickets to see the Greatest Showman!   Oh my gosh!   We LOVED this movie!

We downloaded the soundtrack, and it is amazing!  I think this is our favorite movie of the year!

Happy Friday, friends!   If you need me this weekend, I will be at the volleyball and soccer courts and snuggling with our cute crew during a cold winter weekend!  Sounds pretty much perfect! XOXO Narci

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  1. I need to check out that movie! It’s everywhere and people are loving it. And your weekend sounds perfect! Happy Friday!


  2. Hi Narci! Do you have a list on your blog of your favorite devotionals and bible studies to do on your own? If not do you mind telling me some of your favorites? 🙂


    • Good question! My boys did like it…as in they appreciated that is was a good movie. It was a good mix for a family date–a little something for everyone, does that make sense? Would they go see it if they had a choice between that and Jumanji or Star Wars? never. 😂


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