Tuesday Talk: Q & A, Part 1

Hey, y’all! Today, I am linking up with the sweetest girls, Ashley and Erika, for their fun link-up “Tuesday Talk!”

Each month, we link up and discuss a different topic! This month I am answering some of your questions from our survey last week!  If I didn’t answer your question today, no worries!   I will be having several installments of our Q & A coming up!

1.  Where did you grow up?

I am a Texas girl, born and raised in the Dallas-area.  We moved around inside of Dallas during my younger years and then settled into the suburbs when I was in the 2nd grade.  🙂  I graduated from Plano Senior High School (Go Wildcats!!) where I spent most of my time flirting with the boys in my class instead of actually studying. ;). Somehow, I managed to do well in my classes despite the distractions which proves that I’ve always loved to multitask my time, I guess.  Or that I got really lucky. ha!

2.  Can you share pictures of your wedding in Vegas?

If you are new here, Rob and I got married at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas.  It turns out that since it’s a castle themed hotel, Merlin the magician does the officiating at these ceremonies.  For the longest time, Rob and I couldn’t agree on whether or not Merlin wore a hat or not when he married us…so when I came across our wedding pictures several years ago and realized he was right…I did what any good wife would do…I photoshopped in a hat and texted it to him as proof that I’m always right.  😉


And, can we all agree that Robert Dreffs was GOING IN FOR THE KISS on this picture. Oh my stars, this all still makes me laugh!

3.    How do you manage all of your kids activities and still stay sane?  Are the kids allowed to play as many sports as they want?  How do you handle that?

This is a great question!   When the kids were younger, Robert travelled for weeks at a time, so I was often the only one available to cart Jackson to practices, games, and such with a baby and toddler in hand!   So, we made a rule early on that each child was only allowed one sport at a time.  🙂 Since Rob works out of Dallas now, we’ve relaxed on this a bit here recently…Last season, we let Presley play volleyball and cheer for a little flag football team, Luke plays on two soccer teams, and Jackson plays football and the violin in his school orchestra which are two huge time commitments….We are a busy family, but we are very protective of our nights off and Sunday mornings…there are many times that we turn down extra sports, social invites and couple nights because we know we need those quiet moments as a family to just BE and to worship God.

4.  Where’s Dixie? 😉

I love that you guys want to know about our Dixie girl!  She’s still here and happy as a clam!

She’s always part of whatever the kids are doing and in the mix of our family. She’s part yorkie and is super BUSY, but she’s turning 2 next month…and we are noticing that she’s finally outgrowing that crazy puppy stage.  So, hopefully, we’ll have some more Dixie pictures in the future. 😉 I’ll try to remember to do this more often!

5.  What do you eat?  How do you stay so fit?!

I tend to stay away from processed foods…artificial sweeteners give me migraines, so that means no soda either…and I have a dairy sensitivity (I can’t stop Queso and shredded cheese on occasion though. haha!)

I eat tons of salads for lunch, avocados, and I always try to eat a lot of protein-rich foods.  Naturally, my diet is fairly healthy, so when I choose to eat my entire weight in chips and dip at a Mexican restaurant, it all evens out, I guess.  😉

As I’ve mentioned before, working out is not my favorite…so I drag myself to a great cardio and strength training class with my girlfriends twice a week and stay pretty active during the day which I am sure helps as well!

6.  What did you do before you became a mom?

I worked in Development (fundraising) for a non-profit in the Dallas area! I loved this job so much, but it was hard as I would regularly transition from my normal 8-5 hours to different events and meetings with donors at least 3-4 nights per week.  And, this left for very little time at home.  :). So, we decided that I would stay at home when Jackson was born.

7.  How do you combat feelings of jealousy with other women?

I know this is such a hard area for women!   So, on this topic, I try and operate from a place of gratefulness (for my family, for my husband, for our circumstances…however perfect or imperfect they are at the moment)…But mostly…I have learned to be content in my relationship with God….and not in what I have in comparison to other women.    This right here is a game changer in the age of social media, I promise!

Also, I think it’s really important to surround yourself with the kind of women who are encouragers for you and aren’t manipulative or duplicitous in this area…..I am so thankful for the great group of women that I am friends with!

8.  Where do you like to buy your furniture, home decor, and other home knickknacks?

Most of our furniture and decor comes from Pottery Barn, Weirs, Wayfair, and Home Goods.  🙂

9.  Will you talk more about Parenting teens?  I feel so alone in this stage of life!

I am praying through this question, and I am not sure!   Part of me knows how hard this stage can be, but I am also very careful about maintaining privacy for my kids….plus I certainly don’t consider myself an expert.  For now, I think I will just be including little tidbits here and there when something works well for us.  🙂 I will keep you posted on this!

10.  What made you pick Ole Miss?    Would you want your kids to go there?

This decision all started very randomly,  but a high school classmate told me about Ole Miss!   I was already admitted and planning on attending SMU in Dallas, so we went to visit on a whim.  Needless to say, I fell in love with Ole Miss on that first visit , and then I received an academic scholarship to attend there after I applied! So my heart went off to Oxford, MS and never looked back!   I always say that I got a degree in Finance AND a degree in the Southeast while I was there.  😉  I love my Ole Miss family so much!

My hope for each of our kids is for them to follow God’s plan for them, so who knows where they will end up!   Jackson says he wants go somewhere warm (and probably in Texas), Luke is set on Michigan if he doesn’t go pro right after high school (His words. haha!), and Presley fell HARD for Ole Miss when we took her there last Fall.  But anything could happen with those three, and I am excited to watch THEIR future unfold!

11.  What time do you wake up and go to bed?  How do you stay consistent?

For the past year I’ve been waking up at 5:30, and it’s been really good for me!  I go to bed around 9:30 pm.  🙂 This allows me to get the rest that my body needs plus have time for my quiet time and such before the kids get up.  If I don’t take care of myself in this way, then my days usually don’t go as well….this makes it easier for me to keep it consistent. 🙂

12.  Was having toddlers easy for you?  I’ve been following you since your kids were little, and you make it look so easy!

I really enjoyed having babies and toddlers, but I remember how physically exhausting that stage of life can be!   When you have small kiddos, you are with them all the time, so doing things like signing up for a Bible Study with childcare or attending a gym are great ways to break up your week and take care of your spiritual and physical needs.

13.  Where’s your favorite place to vacation with your family?  Our favorite place to visit is the Destin, FL area!  We’ve been going since Jackson was a baby!   I just scheduled our trip this summer, and we are going to be staying on 30A just outside of Destin this time.  I can’t wait!

14.  How do you monitor electronic devices for your kids? I think we are in the minority here…our kids don’t have a lot of access to electronics.  (We’ve heard that we are terribly uncool because of this, though, so no worries. haha!). We allow cell phones with no data in middle school and then add in data in high school with restrictions.  iPad time is earned and it doesn’t happen every day in our house.   We have video games, but they maybe play them once a week?  I really have no idea if this is normal, but we felt that this was the right decision for our family… If you have great tips on this, I would love to hear them!

15.  What’s your favorite Devotional or Bible Study?  Hands Down, Fervent by Priscilla Shirer.  This one rocked my world in the best way!  If you haven’t read it yet, pick it up today!   It’s that good!

Okay, I feel like we covered a lot today!  I hope you guys loved reading a bit more about our little world!  Thank you for all your great questions!  I can’t wait to answer them all! Happy Tuesday, friends! XOXO Narci

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14 replies

  1. Where do you and your family normally stay in Destin? We’re considering taking my parents and brother this summer…along with our 1 year old baby. Do you have any suggestions for a baby friendly place? Thanks!


  2. Narci – I have always liked your blog and your other social media writings, but I like you even more after reading this post! Your fierce devotion to Jesus and your family and friends shines through. Thanks for the picture of Dixie; good to see her. I applaud you on metering your kids’ screen/online time. Look forward to learning more about you.


  3. Love this post and your heart for Jesus!!! We have stayed at the Hilton Sandestin also,but we are wanting to go into the Seaside/Santa Rosa area this year. Do you have any recommendations for this area?


    • Thank you! And, That’s great, Laurie!! We are staying in a condo in Seagrove this time. We are using this trip to check out all of the cute beach towns on 30A and decide on where we might like to stay next summer! I feel like there are so many options on 30A! 🙂


  4. I don’t know how we have never talked about this – but before kids I worked in Development, too!!! I had no idea we had that in common! 🙂


  5. I have been reading your blog for a while but not sure I’ve ever commented but I just HAD to say I loved this post as well as the fact that Luke wants to go to UofM!! Go Blue!! 🙂


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