So, I posted this on my Instagram this week, and we all had to laugh about #theSouth in the Wintertime….


I posted this, because I really did run to the store when it looked like snow might be heading our way overnight.  Because I love a good panic moment, I bought water, bread, milk (people, we don’t even drink that much milk!), 2 packs of cards (in case the power went out and we needed a distraction), and sour gummy worms (duh!).  We were prepared for whatever came our way, y’all.  haha!  This Texas girl simply doesn’t do inclement weather well.  Go ahead and blame it on my roots.  ;).

Happy Thursday, y’all! XOXO Narci


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  1. In the Eastern provinces of Canada (where I grew up, and where snow storms are frequent and no joke) there is the concept of “storm chips”; we may not eat chips on a regular basis but you’ve got to get your bag of storm chips if there is a chance you may be stuck at home. Add that to your grocery list next time!


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