Three Things

Happy Tuesday, friends!!  Today, I am doing one of my very favorite kinds of posts and sharing 3 things about each of our family members!  It’s a new year, and I haven’t updated you on what’s going on here in quite some time!   Here we go!dsc_5527-2-2edit

Rob and Narciimg_2773

  1.  Rob–Rob is heading skiing with some friends soon, and I am super excited for him!   This is his first time on the slopes, so he will be in ski school and the whole 9 yards!
  2. A good friend had told me that after year 15 of marriage, you kind of get into a sweet spot…it’s a little hard to explain, but it’s pretty amazing, and I totally have to agree! Year 16 has been my favorite so far.  🙂
  3. Narci–It’s just business as usual for me.  I am busy mom-ing, running this crazy house, and structuring my Photography business for Spring and Fall 2018.  I am anxious for the warm weather and all the fun that it brings!

These Three 🙂MoreBBS2017b


  1. We are heading to Jackson’s first football banquet this week!  For now, he’s focusing on schoolwork and doing off season workouts, but he’s looking forward to playing again in the Fall. 🙂 Also, This will be the first year in TEN years that he won’t be playing Spring Baseball.  Oh man!   That tugs at our heart strings for sure, but it has been such a blessing to watch him grow and make these kinds of decisions. He is so smart and wise!
  2. Our big boy isn’t stopping growing!  He’s grown half an inch since December, and now is well over 6ft.  I kind of feel like Papa Elf with Buddy whenever I stand next to him. haha! If anyone has any recommendations on the best place to get slim pants in those tall lengths, send all of your wisdom to me.  I am struggling to keep clothes on this boy!
  3. Jackson has his first Debate competition this weekend!   He has such a gift for public speaking and absolutely no fear, so I am anxious to see how he does and if he enjoys it!


  1. Our boy Luke is playing winter soccer with his Rec soccer team and loving it!   It is such a different pace and so exciting to watch!  Luke loves to be moving at all times and will be so happy when the hustle and bustle of Spring soccer starts! 😉 #allboy
  2. Luke is still sporting his “signature” hairstyle.  Somehow it’s morphed from a faux-hauk into a swooshy-spike up front, and he’s super proud of it. 😉 Luke definitely has his own style!
  3. Luke is quite the artist!   With the colder weather, he hasn’t been able to go outside as much, so he’s been spending some time sketching and I am loving watching him stretch his creative side a bit.  His brother and sister are super creative, but Luke tends to not show his artsy side very often!   Now, if I can just get him to dance in public!  Luke Dreffs has killer dance moves, but he’s too shy to show them off.  😉


  1. It seems like overnight, but Presley has gone from the sweet baby of the family, to the resident family go getter.  She has definitely come into her own.  🙂 Presley loves a competition and wants her hand in pretty much everything she can manage: Volleyball, ballet, cheer…she’d keep on going if we let her!  This sweet girl is fun, hardworking, and born to be busy. I love watching her little personality develop!
  2. Rob and Presley are going to their first Daddy Daughter dance in a few weeks, and I can hardly stand the sweetness already!   She picked out a dress ( be prepared!  It makes a statement! ;)), we’ve ordered the corsage, and made all the arrangements!
  3. Presley is still my best snuggler and loves a night in our bed watching something girlie.

Oh my stars!   These are the days! Hope you enjoyed our 3 things today.  We have something fun planned for tomorrow!   Have a great day, y’all! XOXO Narci

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16 replies

  1. I can’t wait to hear how Jackson’s debate goes. Meanwhile I’ll be covered in hives and wearing a turtleneck for him!!


  2. My brother is very tall over 6’ they special ordered him jeans from the buckle (if that store is still around) And special ordered American Eagle jeans too— he still orders them to this day he’s 6’4”!


  3. Thanks for sharing your precious family with us! Gap is a great place to look for slim pants for tall guys. They have 34” and 36” inseam.. hope to see you soon!


  4. Have you tried American Eagle Outfitters for pants? My son is tall and slim. He’s a runner. They’ve had the best selection to fit him. He’s a 30/34. Hope that helps.


  5. had the same problem trying to find pants for my son. for jeans – I found Buddy Jeans. The store is in Mississippi, but they sell on-line. They are tailored for the length you need. The jeans are a little stiff, but they do soften. They are durable. They will not win any fashion shows, but it didn’t matter to my son.
    I would buy his dress pants from LLBean. The slim fit worked really well.


  6. I have a long-legged teenager with a 29 inch waist. J Crew (and even better, J Crew Factory) has a great selection for “slim” – jeans, shirts etc.


  7. Buckle is a great place for jeans, they can finally fit in pants with a waist size and length! My jackson wears a 28 (which is a little loose) 32 length 😳! If you have Tilly’s you can try there as well! Good luck!


  8. Love reading your blog! I’m with you on the tall and slim problem. Levi’s 511 jeans are the BEST! We’ve tried all the others and these are the best quality and fit for my guy. They seem to last longer for my husband too. He wears holes from his wallet in his back pocket typically with his AE jeans and all the other brands. I like that Levi’s 511 don’t do that.


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