Carpool Book Club

Hey, y’all!! I don’t know about you, but we had a blast watching the Super Bowl last night.  I am a big fan of 1.  The food 2.  The Halftime Show 3.  And the commercials.  🙂

Today, though,It’s time for Carpool Book Club!

Each month, I share about the books that I’ve read.   These are the books that sit on my nightstand and that I read as a busy mama of 3 kids who are always on the go.  Before I started reading, I had a lot of empty space during the in between time.  You know, the time when I am waiting for an appointment or sitting with the kids outside….picking up a good book is my favorite way to pass that extra time now .  🙂  I have a great list this month, so sit back and enjoy. You are going to love it all!




So, last month I read the first two books of this Winter Series, so I picked these two up again after the Holidays.   And, they really were the perfect ending to the whole storyline. I grew to really love this whole family, and the last book was so emotional and just honored the family so well.  This entire series was a great read and so heartwarming and funny.  I didn’t want the last book to end!



I read quite a bit of chick lit this time around, so this one was such a fun change of pace.  It’s written by the same author as The Couple Next Door which I have read and really enjoyed!   The plot for this story is a total page turner and had me guessing all along the way!   If you love good thriller, this one is definitely for you.





Okay, clearly I am a sucker for a series lately, right? 🙂 Amazon recommended this series to me, and I was EXCITED because I love Kristan Higgins and her witty writing!   This series follows a group of residents that live in Gideon’s Cove, Maine, and the plot lines read like they are straight out of a romantic comedy.  The characters are likable and the storylines are somewhat predictable, but if you love a sweet and funny romance then these are for you.  I loved all three of these!


Want to know what’s coming up?  This is what I have planned so far for this month.  🙂

Happy Monday, friends!! Do you have a great book recommendation?   Leave yours in the comments.  I will see you back here tomorrow! 🙂 XOXO Narci



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  1. Read “We were the Lucky Ones.” It is about a Jewish family in Poland trying to survive during WWII. It is based on true events. The author of the book is a relative of the family.


  2. I just finished The Wife Between Us and it was soooo good! The twists kept coming through the whole book! It’s a must read! I’m just starting another Sarah pekkanen book and it is off to a good start. Her other books are very different, but if you like chick lit, you’ll love them!


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