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So, one of the most asked questions during our survey last month was how I know and met all of my close blogger friends! :). And, let me tell you…I have an amazing set of girlfriends!  This is just a few of them, and I love them all so very much!


And, it’s totally random, but yes a hand full of us do have a blogs. How cool is that, right? 🙂   It has been so much fun to share this with them!fullsizeoutput_1f66


So, today, I am sharing how I know and met all of these beautiful ladies! I am so thankful, because we really are just a big group of besties…so this post is in no particular order at all. 🙂

Erika “A Little Bit of Everything


I am starting with this girl, because she and I actually met first!   Erika and I were both new teachers at our church’s preschool about 7 years ago and we quickly gravitated towards each other!  Erika invited me to their Sunday School class, and we quickly became friends after that and never looked back.  🙂 Erika is so fun and kind and the best at listening and talking through what’s going on over the phone.  Plus, we share a love for tacos and if that isn’t a solid foundation to start a friendship, then I don’t know what is. 😉

Erika is so wise and caring, and I am so thankful that she invited us to her Sunday school class all those years go. These days, we attend the same church, work out together, have lunch when we can, hang out at the pool with our kids, and more. I love this girl so much!

Shay “Mix and Match Mama


My guess is that you probably are already familiar with this girl (and probably all the ladies here).  haha! 🙂

If not, let me be the first to introduce you to one of my favorite people.  😉  Shay and I met officially at our Sunday school class, but a fun fact is that our worlds had collided a few times before.  I guess God was doing His best to introduce us to each other, and I am so happy that we finally did become friends!

Unbeknownst to each other, her husband Andrew and I used to workout at the same gym.  In a weird twist, he caught the tail end of someone breaking into my car as he was leaving our gym one early morning.  Crazy, right???   He called the police for me and waited until they came and gave his eyewitness account.  Then, a few weeks later, I met Shay outside of our church sanctuary.  We both had new babies (Smith and Presley! :)) who couldn’t be dropped off in the nursery yet.  So, we sat on the couches and talked about how we should be friends since we had so much in common.  We totally forgot to exchange information that morning, but we did officially meet when we visited their Sunday school class about a year later…and we instantly clicked!


Shay is so positive, supportive, encouraging and the kind of friend that any girl would be lucky to have.  We share a love for everything cozy, Christmas, girl time, and making lists.  Also, our text thread is pretty much hysterical.  If I could screenshot it all and include it here, I totally would.  Shay is easy to love, the hostess with the mostest, and so thoughtful and wise!   We still attend the same church, workout together, have lunch, and hang out with the kids at the pool in the summer.  I am so thankful for her friendship over the years and love her so very much!

Sheaffer “Sheaffer Told me to


Oh my gosh, I simply adore this picture of Sheaffer and I!  This was during a trip to Round Top a few years ago and this conversation still goes down as one of the top 5 funniest conversations ever! We had the best time on this trip!

Here’s the thing about Sheaffer:  she is hilarious and so fun, but she’s also so caring and loving and thoughtful.  Sheaffer is also crazy supportive and is always thinking of everyone around her.  I love that about her!  Sheaffer and I met through our mutual friends, and now we live in the same neighborhood and our boys, Luke and Carter, are super tight!

Sheaffer is always up for a good time and a great phone conversation!   Everyone needs a Sheaffer in their life, and I am so thankful for her!

Andrea “Momfessionals


If I were to have a girl crush on any of my friends, it would probably be Andrea.  😉 I met Andrea in our Sunday school class 7 years ago, and I still don’t understand how she manages to teach Middle School, be so crafty, bake chocolate chip cookies in a free moment, and be so fabulous at the same time.  Andrea is super witty and introspective…She’s the best person to sit and talk to, because she is always so fully invested in each conversation that she’s has.  We share a love for girls boutique clothing, the awkwardness of middle schoolers, and a well timed meme or GIF.  Also, Andrea’s home is one of my very favorite places to visit because it’s so cozy and inviting! :).  If you’ve ever read her blog and wondered if she really is THAT fabulous, then I am here to confirm that she is. 🙂  She is that awesome!

Amanda “That Inspired Chick


Amanda is relatively new to blogging, but I love catching up with her cute family on her blog!  She and I met when Luke and Matthew were in the same preschool class and instantly hit it off!   Amanda is so sweet and loving and classy!   I am really hoping that Presley falls in love with one of her boys, because they are so sweet and adorable…and also because I’m pretty sure we’d have the best Thanksgivings and Christmases together! :). On top of all that, she is crazy talented and has an amazing ETSY shop.  I have her signs up all over our house, in fact.   Amanda is super easy-going and just as nice as can be!  I have loved being her friend, and she is just precious! 🙂

So, there you go!   Some of my very closest friends!  Im so glad you guys asked about them, because they are some of my very favorite people! Happy Tuesday, friends! See you back here tomorrow!

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  1. OMG! REBECCA!!!!! I would like to quote her here, but that wouldn’t be appropriate. One of THE FUNNIEST NIGHTS EVER. Seriously, of my entire life. Fun post! So thankful for you and all of these friendships. 🙂


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