Olympics Fun

I don’t know about you, but I am loving catching the Olympics these days!  I am a big fan of the competition, the back stories, seeing the athletes get their time under the sun…all of it!

As always, Ralph Lauren nailed the opening ceremony outfits!   How cute and classic are these? 🙂


And, I really enjoyed the opening ceremonies of the olympics!   Those drones were so outstanding, am I right?


My favorite part is learning all about the athletes though!  How about that 16 year old that overslept and lost his jacket the morning of the games.  haha!  I mean, mamas of teens, we all laughed at that, right?


 And, the guy from South Korea with two pair of sunglasses pretty much won the internet this week! 🙂


Also, how about the US Figure skater who landed this triple Axel!  They say she’s going 20 miles an hour in this! Wow!

What’s your favorite Olympic moment from the past week?   Leave yours in the comments!   Happy Thursday! XOXO Narci


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  1. I am too ashamed to watch ‘Team GB’ hahah! If there was a ‘rain Olympics’ – competing in events where it was muddy, cloudy, rainy and depressing and the winner was the team who could cope with it all the longest, we might get somewhere.I do love the Team USA outfits – the sweaters are amazing! Might be worth watching just for the clothing! Europafox x


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