Tuesday Talk

Hey, y’all! I hope you had an awesome President’s Day yesterday!!  It was so nice to take a day off and just enjoy our little family. Today, I am all rested up and linking up with the sweetest girls, Ashley and Erika, for their fun link-up “Tuesday Talk!”

Each month, we link up and discuss a different topic, and I love getting help and ideas from you all!

This month, I need your help!   Each of the kids got an Amazon Echo Dot for Valentine’s Day, and we are needing all your tips on how we should be using this. What are your tips and tricks for Alexa?  We need it all. 🙂


  I’ve heard she has a good sense of humor, and I love that!!  I am hoping that some of y’all have some fun or funny things that we can ask her?  Also, how do you, your kids, and your family use her?  Everyone I know loves Alexa,  so I am all ears and ready to learn.  So far, we’ve managed to set our morning alarms with her, and that has been so nice.

I am looking forward to hearing all your thoughts!   Leave your Alexa tips in the comments, and I will be sharing some of them on our Friday Favorites posts.   Also, tomorrow, I am sharing about something really special, so I can’t wait see you back here for that!   Happy Tuesday! XOXO Narci

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  1. I need to come back and read these comments later. We got two for Christmas last year and they are both put away in a closet because I can’t for the life of me figure out what her purpose is and why I would need her.


  2. So want to hear suggestions! I know you can use them as an inter one system and talking to kids while they are in their room and you’re in the kitchen but i can’t figure this out!! Ours got them for Christmas! Oh I do know you can go into the app and see what is being asked. I was nervous about certain things our 6 and 10 yr old may ask but so far it’s just been silly stuff! You can even hit a play button to hear what they asked!


  3. My family loves Alexa! We don’t do anything fancy but, my two young sons love to ask her jokes (we specify with asking for kid jokes), listening to music, asking random questions, weather forecast, school menu etc. I use her for making my shopping list! I can’t wait to read other comments.


  4. We don’t do anything too fancy yet but my son greets her each morning with “Alexa, good morning” and she will tell you a fact of the day or something special about that date. She will also predict scores of big games like the Super Bowl.


  5. I use it for a morrning news brief while i get ready, timers/alarms, weather forecasts.
    Fun games like the question of the day and jeopardy.
    My mom and I (from different places) can leave each other voice messages (the ring on the top turns green when you have a message, and you just tell her to play message.)
    Playing music from Amazon or Pandora stations.


  6. Repeating what some folks have already said, but my favorite Alexa uses include:
    -Playing music with Pandora or your Amazon Prime music
    -Weather reports
    -Jokes or random facts you want to know
    -Jeopardy/murder mystery/etc. games (Just say: Alexa, let’s play Jeopardy..)
    -Can get smart plugs for her to turn off your lights, TV, etc.

    What a cute and very 2018 Valentines gift for your sweet kiddos!


  7. We love Alexa! Alarms, checking the weather, timer while cooking, playing music from Spotify, setting reminders, and turning on/off lights! We use the Philips Hue bulbs in our living room and master bedroom lamps, and Alexa can turn them on/off or adjust the brightness (e.g. 50%) without having to get out of bed or off the couch. We also have Alexa turn them on at dusk automatically so they are on when we arrive home from work, as well as on/off when we travel so it appears someone is home.


  8. Same as the above, most used as alarm, play music on amazon prime or pandora (bummed it will not work with apple music…) audible books is super popular with my kids, daily news, daily weather.


  9. Havent read all of the comments, so probably some repeats.
    – Create lists (we use it mostly for grocery list and its awesome)
    – She plays your audible books (super awesome for kids’ quiet times)
    – have her set a timer
    – news and weather


  10. Oh, we love our Alexas. I got the Grans each one Christmas before last and they use her for everything, music, jokes, homework questions and you name it. My little 88 year old Daddy has one and she’s his best friend. He loves her. Happy rest of the week!


  11. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with mine too. Right now, I just play music from I Heart Radio… Ha. My teaching partner brought hers to school and allows the kids use it for spell checking their writing pieces and if they need to quickly check multiplication facts, so I might do that too.


  12. Yep, alarm and answering information questions like weather and sports scores. Also use her for playing music and reading my Kindle book aloud from wherever I’ve left off! That’s cool. I want to hook up my house lighting and thermostat to her someday. “Alexa, make it warmer” from the bed sounds so promising! 🙂


  13. My 3 year old is a big fan of saying “Wexa! Pway Elsa!” Lol poor girl, Alexa only understands her once in awhile. “Alexa, play Elsa” she means play Let it Go.


  14. Hi Narci I am sorry but i am curios:

    Why do people buy things like that if they dont know how and when to use it? I feel like there are a lot of parents in you comment section who have one but dont know what to do with it. Have any one of you ever questioned that thing? What about data security and privacy?
    “The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot leaves mixed feelings with us. Although we are happy about every single encryption we find in our network traffic captures, there is always an underlying bad feeling about these new connected smart home devices. The multiple installed microphones are always able to listen to its surrounding and, because of the secure encryption, we cannot tell what data is transmitted to Amazon. So in the end everybody has to decide on its own, if trendy techniques and gimmicks are worth the risk of losing a part of your personal privacy.”

    And one last question: Why does ONE household need THREE Echo Dots?


    • Hey, Marie! One of my friends had one for both her kids and they used them as an alarm clock and for the kids to know the weather each morning. I thought that was a great idea since my kids all needed a new clock. 🙂 I can’t speak to the other technical side as I’m not familiar with that, but I’ll definitely look into it! Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Xo n


      • Hi Narci, thanks for your answer!
        I totally get the idea why you got it 🙂 I just think that it is quite expensive if you use it as an alarm and weather information – its 60 Euro in Germany. Of course I know that our kids are a generation who will allways be in touch with the newest technical gimmicks and they need to know them if we want them to use them the right way. I am just really scared about what those things can do to our privacy. Thats the reason I had to post my comment because it seemed like a lot of people just buy it because its new and fun without thinking it through. But I am sorry if I was too rude!!!


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