Manda Monday

Hey, friends!   Today, I am devoting my little space  on the internet to one of my very favorite people. 🙂


One year ago today, my sweet friend Manda Maxwell went home to Heaven. If you are new here or aren’t familiar with Manda and her story, you can watch a video in her own words right here. I promise you will be so blessed by watching this!

Being eloquent in this kind of moment has never been my strong point, but let me tell you that when I think of this beautiful girl…I have THE SWEETEST memories…So, today, I thought I’d share some of my very favorite memories of Manda as a way to honor her.

If I had a nickel for every time this group laughed this hard, I’d be a rich woman…but this night was so super special!


On this particular night, we took our girl Manda out for her birthday and we celebrated her BIG!  What a sweet night we had!


Also special? I had the honor of photographing her sweet family after we met…and oh, what a gift that was!   I have tons of pictures of her and her family together, but this memory is one of my very favorites….  It was Miley’s first birthday session, and Miley went straight for that cake like it was her job!


Who needs to smash a cake, when you can just take a bite right out of it! 🙂 Manda and I laughed so hard that morning.


And, I will never forget this moment!   This was Manda’s last Christmas, and she loved creating this special time with her babies. See that look on her face? I’m pretty sure that says it all. No caption needed. ❤️

Not pictured: many small group Sunday night dinners together, trunk or treats, girls’ nights, endless text threads…her sweet smile, and the way she always saw the BEST VERSION of everyone around her…She was kind and humble and is so very missed today and every day. Today, our family is praying for her family so very much.

If you feel led, I’d love for your to check out the Manda Strong Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that benefits young moms who are battling cancer. You can read all about this amazing organization here. This foundation was started in Manda’s name, and what a blessing it has become.

All my love,


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  1. Narci – I will forever remember the time we spent at her house that Christmas…me making canvases…you photographing it all…and just being a part of all the love. Remember when little Miss Miley was trying to boss me around? Hysterical! Miss our friend so much. Love you!


  2. Prayers for all of y’all. I’ve felt grief for her and her family this past year, and I didn’t even know her! I can’t imagine for those of you who are good friends with her. Her testimony made a difference, and I’m thankful to have watched the video of her story! Thanks for sharing it with us! What a special person!


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