Q & A, Part 3: Your Questions Answered

Hey, y’all!! It’s time for Part 3 of our Q and A. I hope you enjoy another little peek into more about me… Happy Reading, friends. 🙂

  1.  What kind of community did you grow up in?  What were your early years like?  I was born in Dallas, Tx.  We grew up with very modest beginnings and didn’t have much during my early childhood!  Both my parents worked then as well…. In 2nd grade, we moved to Plano, TX which is a suburb of the Dallas area.   I graduated from Plano Senior High, and my graduating class had around 1600 people in it! It was crazy big!
  2. What is your favorite movie?  Hands down, Steel Magnolias….Love me some Ousier and Truvy, and I sob like a baby at Shelby’s funeral every single time.  Jackson got his name from that movie, too. 😉
  3. Do you read your actual Bible daily?  Do you have a good plan to follow?  I do!  Actually our church is doing an excellent study right now using the Youversion Bible app on your phone!  Search for the “Read the Bible for Life 4+1 plan”
  4. How do you manage your temper?  I don’t have a hot temper….I probably should get fired up about more, but I tend to be pretty laid back about most things.  We all are a little different in this area, right? 🙂
  5. What was your first job?  I babysat in high school, but my first legit job was working at an Old Navy the summer before my Freshman year in college.  I loved working there!
  6. What does your After School Routine look like? Lots of you want to know about this, so I’m going to do a blog post about this soon! Stay tuned!
  7. Do you like to travel?   I love to travel. We are hoping to do more traveling in the future!!
  8. What were your kids like as babies?  Jackson was the easiest baby on the planet.  He slept through the night at 8 weeks and was so happy and smiley and sweet and independent!  Luke was the kind of baby who needed more snuggles and such, but he figured out how to use that dimple and mischievous smile to his advantage at a very young age. 😉 Presley has always been easygoing and a mama’s girl.   All 3 were just easy, sweet babies.  We got so lucky there!
  9. What’s your favorite mom hack? At some point, I decided to be like Elsa and just “let go” of having to be perfect at everything mom-related.  I have found that grace and love in parenting is so much more useful and effective than being supermom. 🙂
  10. How did you and Rob meet? We met at a mutual friend’s house.  He came up to me, and we started chatting about football! At that time, I was a huge Cowboys fan and Robert (being a Michigan native) was a HUGE Lions fan. That particular year, the Cowboys were having a winning season, and the Lions had won 1 game.  So, in a very charming move, Robert offered that our teams were playing soon and we should make a bet on the outcome.  His idea was that the loser would have to take winner out for a steak dinner.  The implication was that since the Lions were  bound to lose after such a tough season, he was, essentially, asking to take me out to dinner. 😉 I agreed, and so the teams played.  In a weird twist of fate, the Lions actually pulled out their second (and last ;)) win of the season!  So, on our first date, I bought Robert a steak dinner. After we finished, he thanked me and said that he’d never actually let a lady pay for a first date, so he was going to need a do over and take me out a second time.  And, that, my friends, is how Rob charmed his way into two dates without me even realizing it.  He’s a tricky little thing, like that!  🙂

So, there you go!  I hope you liked hearing a little bit more about me!  I’ll see you back here tomorrow! Happy Tuesday, friends!! XOXO Narci

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  1. What a fun Q&A! The story of you and Rob meeting seriously has me hoping my boys grow up to be such gentlemen! Sounds like you got a great man 🙂


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