Weekend Wrap Up

Hey, y’all!   I hope you had a great weekend!  This weekend was our last weekend without a ton on the calendar…and oh, how we enjoyed taking it easy over here!  These quiet days are my favorite day…it’s these in between moments that are always the sweetest. 🙂

On Friday, I finished up work on this sweet newborn set…


while I listened to this book.  Ladies, prepare to hear me gush about this book.  It’s a good one. 🙂img_5772

After school and work, we headed out for dinner with our crew and then off to Friday night practices.  🙂img_5790

Luke’s Saturday soccer games were cancelled, and Presley’s Spring season doesn’t start for a few weeks…so we had Saturday completely off.  It was amazing!  We went for a long walkimg_5817

and played outside all afternoon.  Before dinner, we did a little baking in the kitchen and had so much fun! (P.S we made this cake, and it smelled and tasted like HEAVEN!)img_5839

On Sunday morning, we went to church…and I totally forgot to snap a pic in this dress, but it really is the perfect Sunday or work dress….the cut is modest plus it’s super versatile!


I also picked up this top for Spring (you know I love a yellow ;)), and I can’t wait to bust it out soon!


On Sunday afternoon, we finally got to watch Luke play soccer (He’s been rained out for two weeks straight), and he had so much fun!


I also ordered this study for my quiet time and it should be here early this week.  One of my awesome readers recommended it to me, and it looks fabulous.   I can’t wait to get started on that!


I will keep you posted!

Also, we are having fun with our gratitude challenge over on Instagram….img_5763

I may decide to do some of the days over on my stories just to keep it fresh, but we will keep on going until the end of March!

Happy Monday, friends!  XOXO Narci

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6 replies

  1. I’ve heard great things about that bible study too! And yay for a quiet weekend. The weather was amazing on a Saturday! So glad you guys got to enjoy that!


  2. Girl! I can’t wait to hear you gush about that book!! It looks cute just off the cover. And I’m sooooo happy you guys made one of my St. Paddy’s Day cakes! xo


  3. My Bible Study group has started Voice of God. We meet every other week so it takes us a little longer to get through the study but it is sooooo good. Priscilla is awesome. You will definitely enjoy it, be blessed, and grow in your walk.


  4. I LOVE Priscilla and cannot wait to dive into that book study. I am currently reading The Armor of God and loving every single second. I love weekends that are low key. Have a great week ahead!


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