A Day in the Life

Hey, Hey, friends!!  Someone flipped a switch, and our schedule went from quiet to SPRING mayhem.   I don’t even know how that happens in one day, but it’s safe to say that Spring busy-ness has begun!

Good News: today is a Day in the Life, and I can’t wait to share a normal every day Tuesday with y’all!   Here we go!

I knew I would be going all day, so I set my alarm for a little later on this particular day.  I really needed the extra minutes to sleep and rest up for the day!  It felt great!


First, I read my Bible plan for the dayimg_6022

And, then I returned emails, picked up around the house, and got the kids out the door.  I pretty much failed at getting pics during the morning rush!  I did better as they day went on!

I was up and out the door nice and early for my morning newborn session!


I always make sure that I wear a ponytail and a simple top for newborn sessions.  Gotta make it easy to snuggle with those sweet babies!img_5996

When I do a lifestyle shoot, I load up my props and bring them to my client’s homes. That means lots of boxes, baskets, and fluffy blankets in the back of my car!img_5979

We had so much fun photographing this sweet family!

This took me straight through to noon, so I stopped by the house to drop off my props…..


and then went to the grocery store to grab a few things for dinner and a salad for my lunch!IMG_5989

I worked through my lunch, did some scheduling, and started on this blog post!


And, then I ran by the store to pick up balloons and decorations for Jackson’s friend’s birthday.  The boys were planning on decorating his room, so I grabbed all their supplies before I picked up the kids from school!IMG_6011

After school was a blur of carting the kids around, homework, and dinner!   And, after dinner, we went to the School Open House…Luke’s self portrait was looking awesome! IMG_6013

After that, Rob took Luke to soccer practice while the girls came home and did showers and PJs!IMG_6014

I snuggled with this girl before bedtime…IMG_6021

and then worked on this post while Rob and I watched After the Rose.  PEOPLE, we need to discuss this by the way…..CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED?  OH MY STARS!!

Then, we went to bed a little after 10. Just a normal every day Tuesday over here!

Happy Wednesday, friends! I’ll see you back here tomorrow! XOXO N

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10 replies

  1. That’s how my Tuesday was yesterday as well. Tab needed me to scan something and send it to his office and I kept saying-I have so many errands to run I’m STILL not home! I was like a chicken with my head cut off! Snuggling before bed makes it all worth it tho!


  2. These are definitely the days! Simple and perfect, just what a mama heart needs. What lipstick are you wearing in the pictures? I love the color!


  3. Luke’s self-portrait is awesome!! And ATFR…Can you even?!! Oh Arie. You suck, dude. Even when Becca was walking down to him before he proposed he looked completely underwhelmed and unsure. He knew it was wrong even then. But I hope it works out with Lauren because she seems like such a sweetheart. Excited for Becca’s season now! That Inspired Chick


  4. What a lovely job you have! The pink coat and blue top looks great BTW (this is from someone only just getting the courage to wear bright colours just recently!). I daren’t read the bachelor comments above – in England we are still on BEN’S season – nearly idea last week when he sent Caila home – poor girl – she was so lovely, when she was crying in the taxi it was dreadful – her poor Mum looking back on that!. I was hoping that she would get a Bacherlorette season and daren’t look on Google to check! Someone mentioned Becca above and I’m hoping it is the Becca from Chris’s season ( I will not Google, I will not Google, I will not Google)… Oh why are we so behind?! Also no-one I know watches it here so I love gossiping with you Yanks about it (yes you are all yanks north and south haha – only joking) ! Love your blog Narci – day in the lives are so much fun! Greetings from over the pond – Joanne (Europafox Blog) x


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