Five Things

Hey, y’all!! Today, we are sharing FIVE things…it’s just a random mash-up of fun things that we like to do every once it a while over here!   Let’s get started!

  1.  For the past week, I’ve stuck to only having one cup of coffee each morning!  (normally, I am a two cup girl!)  So far, it’s going well!   My body feels SO MUCH better after cutting out all that extra caffeine, but my mind is still adjusting to the loss, if you know what I mean.  haha! 😉  I will keep you posted on how this goes!
  2. Well, we have a date for the Royal wedding, and who else is so incredibly excited for this day to come???


I am anxious to see the wedding dress, what Kate is wearing, and watch all the festivities!  I wonder if it will be super traditional like William and Kate’s or more laid back?  So many questions to be answered. 🙂

3.  Have you watched the Bachelor this week?  I really don’t even have the words for this!  What a mess!   Arie managed to make himself the most hated guy in the country, and he had me shaking my head the WHOLE ENTIRE EPISODE.  I think every girl in America was screaming at the their TVs for him to leave…and every guy wanted to punch him in the nose.  #notcoolArie #notcoolatall !  Also, I hate that Lauren didn’t watch all that go down when it aired, because girlfriend needs to see that!

4.  Oh, hello, Stella and Dot Earrings!   The new line just came out today, and oh, it’s darling!   img_5968

I have been waiting for all the colorful earrings to make their debut….they are always my favorites!

You can shop them all here! 🙂

5.  And, finally, this little sample set hopped into my Sephora bag this week, and I am so pumped to try all the products out!   These products are speaking my language for sure!


Do any of you use this brand?  Do you love it? I heard from a few people on IG who said they love the microdermabrasion cream, so I am curious to try it out!

Happy Thursday, friends!! We will see you tomorrow for Friday Favorites! XOXO N

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7 replies

  1. I am a huge fan on Dr. Brandt’s No More Baggage. It is one of those products you don’t realize is working until you stop using it.


  2. The Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion is amazing!! I discovered it last spring in sample size. I had some bumps near my hairline that would never go away. They were under the skin, not pimples.
    This product got rid of them. Skin feels so smooth! I can’t say enough! Full size is expensive but worth it and you only need a tiny bit. Can’t wait to hear if people like the other products.


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