What’s Up Wednesday

Hey, y’all!!  Happy Wednesday!

Today, I am linking up with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel for their super FUN link-up: What’s up Wednesdays.  I just love sharing what is going on with us every month!   Let’s get started!

The last Wednesday of each month, we answer these questions.  Here we go!

What we’re eating this week….


Tuesday–BBQ Sandwiches

Wednesday– Chipotle Chicken Over Rice

Thursday–Sweet and Tangy Meatballs (out of this cookbook! :))

Friday–Pizza Night

What I’m reminiscing about… 

This is our crew at Easter last year! Everyone has gotten so much bigger since then! Wow!


What I’m loving…

I am putting together Easter Baskets, and I just loved these fun bouncy balls as a fun addition to the baskets!  My kids love a good craft kit!


Also, my little Deebot vacuum is working overtime right now.   If you have been in market for one of these vacuums, I totally recommend this one!


What I’m wearing…

I am wearing this darling blue top which has me all ready for Spring and Summer!

And these two dresses are my FAVORITE for this Spring!

IMG_6200 2

Blue pinstripe dressBlack and White Stripe dress

What I’m dreading…

nothing at the moment 🙂

What I’m excited about…

We are in the middle of Spring Sessions over here, and I am so excited!! 🙂


On our calendar: Dallas Arboretum, The Bluebonnets, and a May mini session opportunity. :). It’s going to be so much fun!  If you would like to book a Spring Session, you can email me at narcidphotography@gmail.com! Woohoo!

What we’ve been up to…

Oh, just a little bit of this and that. 🙂


And a pretty sunset to top it all off!

What I am working on….


I am just over here editing and scheduling my sessions: Newborns, Seniors, and, families, and Spring!  Woohoo!  You can email me for more info on all that as well.   🙂

What I’m watching or reading..

Last week, I shared what I’ve been reading  for our Carpool Book Club!

What I’m listening to…

and I just finished up listening to Jamie Ivey’s new book as well!  If you have a broken past and struggle with the guilt associated with it…this book is for you!   I


What I am doing this weekend…

I’ll be celebrating Easter with my crew this weekend, going to games, and doing sessions for some very sweet families!

What I am looking forward to next month!

Just more pretty weather and Spring fun with my crew!

Happy Wednesday, friends!!  And, Thank you so much for the fun link up, girls! XOXO Narci

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  1. What the heck with those bouncy balls?! My kids will love those! (Also, I thought the tagline underneath it said “Grab your own super balls” but when I looked harder it said “CREATE your own super balls”. hahahaha. That Inspired Chick


    • Great question! Yes. 🙂

      I bake these muffins with the topping each time! Sometimes I top with the flour, sugar, cinnamon and then add a bit of butter to the top of each muffin to make it all just melt on top for a classic Blueberry muffin feel. And sometimes, I make these according to the recipe exactly and include the butter in the dry topping mixture to make the traditional crumb topping! It’s good both ways! Xo


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