Our After School Routine :)

Hey, hey, friends!!  Today, I am sharing my after school routine!  A bunch of you have asked for more details about that, and I am so happy to share about how we do the after school crazy!

Gone are the predictable schedules of preschool and early grade school years for our house!  haha!  Every day is a little crazy, but we all work together to make it happen with as little stress as possible!

  1.  Pick up my elementary kiddos–Luke and Presley get out first, so I run over to their school first to pick them up!
  2. Afterwards, we drive to get Jackson from football practice over at the high school.   His dismissal is technically earlier, but he has practice after school so we drive over to pick him up then.
  3. We unload the car, start snacks, do homework, and check backpacks.
  4. And, then we make lunches for the next day!
  5. After this, the kids play while I do laundry or another chore!
  6. Next up is dinner! On this particular night, we had Chipotle Chicken over Rice, and it was delish! I doubled the recipe, and we were able to have it two nights in a row! This recipe will be a regular in my rotation for sure!
  7. After dinner, we go to ALL the after school activities!   On any given day, we have a combination of dance, tumbling, volleyball, soccer, football, orchestra, J’s Bible Study crew or Wednesday night church.  Often, we have to be in several places at once, so Rob and I divide and conquer! Can I take a second to brag on Rob?  He is really good at this.  He would take the kids to a million practices and never complain once.  His job used to be 100% travel, but he changed positions for something where he could be at home with us in the evenings and help out with the chaos.  I just love that about him.
  8. After practices, we head home…Rob manages the bed and bath routine (I get the kids ready for school, so he takes the lead on this), while I clean the kitchen/vacuum/pick up any leftover messes. 🙂
  9. After bed time, I try and catch up on my reading or respond to texts that came through during the day…I am waaaay behind on all of my TV shows right now because of this. Maybe we will catch up this summer? 😉 We will see!

So, there’s our afterschool routine.  It’s crazy and busy, but we love it!  These are the days that I want to remember!  Have any tips for after school?  I would love to hear them!

Happy Wednesday! XOXO Narci

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6 replies

  1. After school can be summed up in one word-CHAOS!!! But your pics are making it look really carefree and peaceful. 🙂


  2. I seriously feel like there should be some sort of moms program where you can shadow another mom all day to see how she does it. Because this all looks so nice and organized. My kids come through the front door after school, drop their backpacks in their spot (or near their spot) and then hit the ‘hood! (So basically, no one would want to shadow ME but I could definitely learn a thing or two! 😉 That Inspired Chick


  3. Hi! Random question from a fellow mama of 3… what kind of car do you drive? We are in the process of getting something new… love my Acadia but it is feeling a bit small. Good and roomy 3rd rows are so tough to find! Thanks!


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