Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday, and we are hosting Friday Favorites with my girls, Erika and Andrea!  Today’s favorites are just a random list of all the fun things from this week!  Let’s get started!!

I saw this over on Facebook, and I just loved it!!


Max Lucado always nails it!   This week has been full of snuggles with this wiggly boy…img_7069

and lots of “Happy Morning” smiles!img_7072

This week, I was cleaning the kitchen and totally had to laugh at our tiered tray.  img_7178

Easter Candy and Avocados….my priorities couldn’t be more straight if I tried, y’all. haha! 😉img_7177

Also a favorite? This week, the teens at our church had a dodgeball tournament, and oh my stars!  This was some serious fun to watch!!

Jackson and his friends formed a team, and they pulled out an upset win over a group of Senior boys who play for one of the High School Varsity Baseball Teams in town!  Their day was made, and the entire crowd rushed the court after they won.  For all my NCAA basketball fans….their team name was Loyola -Chicago.  Funny, right? ;). Maybe they should have asked Sister Jean to come and watch. ha!

Also, my favorite: tiny newborn props for some sweet newborn sessions coming up.

img_7123-1img_7124-1I literally can’t even with this set!img_7122-1

And, this little throwback shot from Presley in the Bluebonnets is my favorite too!  img_7181

I have a busy weekend ahead: lots of Bluebonnet time, soccer and volleyball!   I love our crazy, busy life!  Happy Friday, friends! I hope YOU have the best weekend! XOXO  Narci

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8 replies

  1. Dodgeball tournament….that takes me back to sixth grade!! And that tiered tray just makes me laugh!


  2. Those baby outfits are TOO cute! Almost makes me want another one 🙂

    Thanks for hosting the link-up – I look forward to it every week – so many great ideas! I’m hosting a link-up on Fridays starting this week, and would love to have you join me!


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