A Day in the Life–Sunday Edition

Hey Hey, y’all!! I hope you had an awesome weekend!  Today, I am sharing a day in the life, but I am sharing a day of the week that I’ve never shared before!  Sunday!   It’s always a busy day over here! Let’s get started!

My Sundays start nice and early!  I was up and at ’em early with my coffee and my Bible!

I actually just picked up a new Bible, and I am really liking it!   It’s heavy, but it’s VERY easy to read and I like that! 🙂


Next up, I made breakfast for our crew! And,  then I made my bed and popped into the shower for the day!  I think I have said this before, but I make our bed early every morning.  A made bed just makes me feel better about my day. 😉


Sunday mornings are always a little crazy with the hair, the ironing, and such, but we got everyone looking good and made our way to church


On my way to Sunday school, I ran into one of my favorite girls, Karla!!  I just love this girl so much!img_7260

And, then after Sunday school, we headed to service.  It was amazing!


Rob and Jackson had a meeting and lunch at church, so the kids and I grabbed a quick lunch on our own! And, then I spent the afternoon prepping for my evening sessions, did some work, and cleaned up around the house!


We pulled together a quick taco feast for dinner! And, after dinner, Rob took the kids to Luke’s soccer game.  Any other day, I’d be there too, but  I had Bluebonnet sessions to head to! 🙂

Didn’t the setup turn out so cute this year? 🙂 I love it!

I got home at 8:30….just in time to give the younger kids a kiss before they went to bed!

Then, I changed into jammies, finished up this post, and snuggled up in bed with my new favorite book.  It is a thriller and super scary.  Eek!

10 pm, and I was wiped out!  Dixie and I were both ready for bed!  🙂

Just a normal everyday Sunday around here! I hope you enjoyed a peek inside our little life!

Happy Monday, friends!! XOXO Narci

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7 replies

  1. I am so impressed you get up early on Sundays and have time for your quiet time AND to make breakfast for your family! And I LOVE your bluebonnet photo shoot! If we lived closer, I would definitely sign up for a session! 🙂 Simply Tish


  2. I love your house! Every picture you post of the kitchen view just makes me swoon! Looks like a great Sunday!


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