Tuesday Talk: Drugstore Beauty Finds

Hey, y’all! Today, I am linking up with the sweetest girls, Ashley and Erika, for their fun link-up “Tuesday Talk!”


Each month, we link up and discuss a different topic, and I love getting help and ideas from you all!

This month, I am talking about MY favorite Drugstore Beauty product, and I am hoping that you will share your favorites in the comments also!   I love a fancy beauty product, but I will take a great deal any day!


A few weeks ago, I was out of my go to Mascara (Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara), and I didn’t have time to run to Ulta to pick up a new tube!   I had heard about this little Mascara as being a lower priced dupe of my regular brand, so I ran to my local CVS and picked up a tube to try it!

This mascara was under $10, and it was just as good as my regular mascara!   Yeah! I call that a drugstore win!

So, if you need an inexpensive Mascara option, I say go for it!  Now, it’s your turn!  I know there have to be other awesome Beauty products that I can pick up at the drugstore or say, maybe, Target!  I want all your thoughts!   Leave a comment with your fave, and I will compile them for everyone on Friday!

Happy Tuesday, y’all!  Let the good deals begin! 🙂

XOXO Narci


11 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk: Drugstore Beauty Finds

  1. Shay Shull says:

    Coconut Oil! That stuff is amazing!! It takes off the most stubborn makeup, it’s moisturizing, good for sunburns, chapped lips and more. I swear, if I were on a deserted island, it’s the one thing I would take with me.


  2. Shannon Molenburg says:

    Wow thanks for the recommendation! I could use a new mascara! I use the Loreal Colour Riche La Pallete Eye Shadow. It recommends me of the Naked eye pallets but much cheaper! That’s been my daily eye shadow for the time being 🙂


  3. Britt Hensley says:

    Yay! Thanks for sharing that mascara find. I’ll have to look for it. I love my granite fructose smooth dry serum. My hair will get dry on the ends if I don’t use something, and this has been a good find for my hair!


  4. Valerie Hutton says:

    Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer…the scent is light and it’s the best! It’s always on my bathroom counter!


  5. Karly Roush says:

    A friend recently told me about Incoco nail polish that is in like a sticker form. I actually assumed she had professionally just had her nails done and asked what salon she goes to. She raved about this brand. I was skepical at first because I’ve tried the kind you put on with a blow dryer and they would come off in a day! These are the best $6 beauty item I’ve bought in a long time! I’ve only used the French manicure and first time they lasted a week! I was so impressed! If you like having pretty French manicure, I’d highly recommend! I’ve bought in store at Walmart and Target online!


  6. Kathy Lang says:

    I’m definitely going to try this Loreal mascara since mine is running out (Benefit Roller Lash)! A mini in my regular mascara at Ulta is $12, so thanks for the heads up! I’ve been wanting to try the Too Faced Mascara because I love their eye shadow primer and face primer. I’ve recently felt the need to hydrate my lips at bedtime, and I’ve never been a fan of chapstick until recently when I came across the cake batter flavor! It is so moisturizing and glides very smoothly onto my lips, and has made such a difference!


  7. Kirsten Juenke says:

    I’m an Oil of Olay girl – my sister is, too. We both get so many compliments on our skin….could be genetics, but I swear by it!


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