What’s Going On

Just our normal everyday life going on here….except for one very special arrival around these parts.  img_7452

My friend, Meagan, arrived home with her precious baby girl…and I couldn’t be more smitten if I tried.  She is adorable!!img_7514

Over the weekend, we just had soccer and no other sports…so we spent the weekend following Luke around to different fields to watch him do his thing. 🙂img_7495img_7506

These two remind me so much of each other, and I just love seeing them grow closer together!  They were chatting about the game Luke had just finished as we went from one game to the next.


And, spring is still undecided if it will be coming this year…so this is how we were dressed all weekend.  img_7485

Yes, I am in a ski jacket and beanie plus wrapped up in a blanket….in April.  I tell you what I wasn’t: cold…even though it was 34 degrees one morning. haha!

I’ve been working on some very sweet sessionsimg_7593

and snagging all the couch cuddles I can manage!img_7531img_7534

On Friday, I even got to have lunch with this CUTE boy.  img_7468

I will take these sweet moments as long as I can get them.   What a great week so far…These are the days!   Happy Wednesday, friends! XOXO Narci


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3 replies

  1. Bowen had a teeball game bright and early on Saturday morning and it was CCCOOOLLLDDD!!!! I looked just like you with my puffer, hat, and blanket. And you got to hang with two precious babies this week!!


  2. I froze my tail off at soccer on Saturday! I had on blardigan socks, uggs, leggings, jeans, a fleecy shirt, a blardigan, a long puffer, gloves, and a beanie. AND I WAS STILL COLD!


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