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Hey, y’all!   I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve shared about what’s been going on over here!  I saw this over on FB, and I totally had to laugh!   This is so me! 😉img_7970

On Friday, the kids had the day off! Woohoo! I had a ton of errands that needed to be run, so the younger two tagged along!   They were great helpers!img_8004They found ways to keep themselves occupied everywhere we went.  😉img_8003img_8002img_8001img_7992Also, Presley is beginning her last month of Ballet before her big recital recital in June.  img_7966

I have to say that I am so impressed by how she has really applied herself to Ballet.  Presley is just the kind of girl who likes to do things well, so I shouldn’t be surprised.! However, I was a little worried that she might not love it since she started so late. She’s having a blast!

Also of news late…Jackson has been getting mail from different colleges since the Fall, and he has just loved getting all of the fun mail from all the different schools.  It’s so hard to believe that he will be making college decisions before we know it!

Anyway, I totally had to be silly and draw the line when it came to a certain school.  😉img_8140

He knows I run hot when it comes to SEC football rivalries, so he thought this was pretty hysterical. I told him that, really, he could go anywhere he likes, but he will never catch me wearing Crimson.  Period. haha!

Also lately…. I have been working up a storm….


and catching a few sweet newborn sessions here and thereimg_8153


I am still going to be bossy and tell you to buy this hair cream!   People, all the rave reviews are not a lie…This stuff is so good for frizzy hair!  img_7953-1

Life has been coloring time with my girl…img_7967

And ice cream for lunch on a Monday because #oralsurgery.  I am not going to lie…I wasn’t mad about this part of the recovery one bit!img_8121

Also, I am SURE you’ve seen all the coverage of Will and Kate’s new baby Louis…So sweet!   Now, it’s nearly time for this BIG ROYAL wedding!! Eek!   You know I love this!


These two have been put through the ringer since they announced their engagement, but I really am wishing them the absolute best!   Who am I to judge, right?  Now, give me all the beautiful wedding gowns, Charlotte as a flower girl, and all the gorgeous details!   If you need me on May 19th…I will be glued to my screen for all of the fun!

Happy Wednesday, y’all! XOXO N

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6 replies

  1. Presley will love the recital! When all the hard work pays off! And that little Alabama trick you did, was too funny!


  2. Laughing so hard at the pizza boy joke! And just fyi, I ate another full container of ice cream on Monday night. BUT I’D EATEN A FULL DINNER TWO HOURS BEFORE. Whatever. it was worth it. 🙂


  3. I went to UGA, and ALL Alabama schools are the source of tons of jokes here! I about fell out laughing over your “edit” to that one….thanks for the fantastic idea for that coming down the pipe here, too!


  4. Awww Narci…..If you pizza was delivered by an Alabama Boy it would be the best pizza ever!!
    Roll Tide my friend, ROLL TIDE!!! 🙂


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