Senior Moment

Maybe you’ve noticed that I’ve been a busy girl over here?! Spring finally hit in our neck of the woods, so we are over here  doing all the warm weather sessions!  It’s been busy, but I love every last minute of it!

I’ve had a handful of seniors on my schedule lately….this is not something that I do a lot of (I’ve always thought my younger clients were my stronger suit ;)), but I am actually really enjoying the change in my normal lineup….and because I love nothing more than to check out someone else’s professional pictures (Does it give you all the warm fuzzies, like it does for me?)…I thought I would share a few of one of my recent senior sessions…just for fun on this beautiful Thursday.  Enjoy! XO N


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  1. I love the shot with his mom holding on to him like “don’t grow up!” It’s fun to see what other areas of the country do for senior pics. Your’s are very similar to what our seniors do here in Northeast Missouri.


  2. All I have to say is…. an Aggie – WHOOOP!!! I don’t get to say that a lot in ny day to day life in England, so thanks for the opportunity haha! 🙂


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