30A Trip: Days 1 &2

Happy Tuesday, friends!! I hope you had the best weekend. We are back in Mckinney today, and if you need me…I’m over here doing laundry, getting back to work, and pretending I’m still beachside. 🙂 I’m the meantime, I’m sharing our first few days of vacation with you!

On Day 1, we loaded up the car and headed out of town! We were on the road by 8 am!

It takes about 13-14 hours to drive as a family from Mckinney to 30A (you know–with all the stops and such ;)) so we didn’t make it until about 9:30pm. The next morning, we grabbed some coffee and headed down to check out the beach.

Not a bad view for my morning coffee, am I right?Our family is full of early risers, so Rob went to pick up our groceries while I took the kids for donuts and to stake our claim at the beach. :). I looked down at my phone when I took this photo, and it was just barely 8 am! haha!

 Since we were staying in a condo for the first time, we knew we’d be making breakfast and some lunches there!  This was so nice!  On the days that we didn’t want to break away from the beach to head to restaurant, we’d pop into the condo for a quick lunch.  And Rob made eggs and bacon for the whole crew each morning!

There’s a Publix on 30A that does grocery delivery on Instacart but they didn’t have any openings until later in the day, so we opted to place an order at Walmart in Destin. 🙂 Not having to wait in line was such a blessing!

By 9:30 am, all of us were out in full beach mode!

We stopped all our fun for a quick lunch and ice cream below our condo! Our condo was in Seagrove, and we could not have been any more centrally located if we tried! It was so nice!!  We could walk to ice cream, donuts, shrimp, pizza, and more!

Seagrove is in the middle of 30A, so it was a short drive to Seaside, Watercolor, and Alys/Rosemary Beach.   Our goal was to see all of 30A during this trip, and we were able to do just that since everything was so convenient!

After an afternoon of more beach time, we cleaned up and headed to one of our very favorite restaurants: The Surf Hut.

We met the owner Terry several years ago when they were still building and instantly hit it off.  We always make the trip into Destin, because the food is delicious….and the view is perfection! The restaurant windows look out to the ocean and there are tons of fun yard games for the kids to play!Mom and Dad enjoyed a quiet moment and an appetizer.

and the kids had a great time hanging out outside!After dinner, we drove over to Seaside so I could do a session for a super sweet family who was staying there.   I love getting to work with my clients while we are both on vacation! It’s always so special!

And then we spent the rest of the night walking around Seaside, shopping in the town center, and enjoying the gorgeous weather!!

Also, there’s an amphitheater in the middle of the Seaside town center where they have concerts and everyone just kinds of hangs out. It was a really sweet spot to let little ones run around after dinner!

The perfect way to end our first full day on 30a!

See you back here tomorrow for Days 3 and 4! Xoxo Narci

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20 replies

  1. I loved this recap!! You and Presley in your matching LP are so cute! It looks like Days 1 and 2 were super successful!


  2. I would love to learn the condo you stayed in. We would like to go to the same area this summer and not sure where to stay with all the options. Followed your trip on instagram


  3. I am trying to get my crew to let us go somewhere else besides Gulf Shores or Destin this year and would love to go here! They love all the touristy things though. Go-karts, arcades, water parks…is anything like that close? I’ll text you this afternoon. It’s just so gorgeous!
    That Inspired Chick


  4. We go to Destin every year and would love to go here for something a little different. Do you mind sharing details about your condo? Thanks! Looks like a blast so far!


  5. Um, how did I miss this post yesterday!! Oh my word! I’m pretty sure in Heaven, I’m drinking coffee by the ocean at 9:00 AM 😉 . And you and Presley look SO CUTE in your matching LP!!


  6. Were you able to get all your shopping done in the one Walmart trip? If so can you share your list?? Ha ha! We always make a big grocery trip the first day of our stay, but I feel like we go back multiple times, and I hate grocery shopping on vacay!!


  7. 30A has always been our favorite. The water is crystal clear and beautiful. We usually stay at Seaside, but I think we may venture out towards Watersound or Rosemary this summer. If you stay in Seaside I recommend going through the Cottage Rental Agency. If you give them your email they will send you house suggestions, and discounts or promos in the Seaside area. I just wish this area would stay a hidden spot because it has become such an overcrowded hot spot in the past few years. It’s crazy-Ha!


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