30A trip: Day 5 &6

Hey, hey friends!!  Welcome to our last few days our trip to 30A.  I have a just a few pictures of our final bit of fun, and then my thoughts in case you are looking to book in this area.  Let’s get started!

On Sunday morning, we were supposed to wake up to storms all day long.  So, imagine our surprise when we just had cloudy skies!  What a blessing!

On this particular day, we headed over to Seaside because I had one more session to fit in before the rain came through!

I am so thankful that we were able to work that sweet family in while my family had a bit of beach fun. I joined them right after we wrapped up, and then we knew we had to try out this little Grilled Cheese food truck in Seaside.  

I had the pimento cheese Grilled Cheese, and it was pure heaven!   We played at the beach some more and headed back to our condo just as it started to rain.  Alberto was set to make landfall that night and everyone was readying to hunker down!

We had heard that they might close the bridge out of town due to high winds, so we opted to leave that night and add a fun morning in New Orleans to our itinerary instead.

30A had a 100% chance of rain all night and the next day with 50 mph wind gusts, but when we woke up in New Orleans…it was nothing but SUNNY SKIES!

We visited Jackson Square….Jackson was about 10% named after Andrew Jackson (like this square) and 90% named after the character in Steel Magnolias.  haha!

After some sightseeing, we had Beignets at Cafe Du Monde….

We forgot to take pics before we started eating….but trust me.  They were amazing!

It’s been a few years since I have been to New Orleans, and I had forgotten about how much I love this city and it’s people.  

Everyone’s spirit is so welcoming, and it always feels like home!  It was the kids first visit, and they loved checking it all out!

After our fun, we loaded everyone up and made the rest of the trip back home.  What a sweet trip for our family!   We had an absolute blast! 🙂

So, my thoughts on 30A:

  • If you’ve been wondering about where we stayed, you can find our condo here! The pros abut our condo were that it was VERY, VERY, VERY convenient to everything.  There were tons of awesome restaurants within STEPS of our condo and the beach was so close also.  This condo easily fit our 5!  There was plenty of space, and the owners left games and movies for the kids during our downtime which I though was super sweet!  The cons:  There is a patio, but it overlooks the parking lot. So we didn’t spend any time out there. Overall: You really can’t beat the price for the location (as long as those cons aren’t as important to you.) A girlfriend recommended this condo building to us, because it was just so convenient and she was so right!
  • All of the towns on 30A are so different!  Seaside is super pretty, a little busier, and such a sweet beach town.  You could never be disappointed by staying or visiting here….There are tons of restaurants to choose from, and you just can’t go wrong!  Watercolor was so pretty and much quieter!  We didn’t go to Grayton Beach this time, but we have visited before, and it is super quirky and fun! If you love art, handmade items, or live music, then this place is a must! Seagrove was kind of a sleepy town in the middle and suuuuper laid back.  We loved that! Alys Beach: People. we didn’t stop here, but this place was magnificent!   The white architecture and palm trees lining the road were out of a storybook! This is on our list for next time!  Rosemary Beach: wow!  I think I said this before, but all the details were a photographer’s dream!  It is very romantic there, too!
  • If you have a question about any of my outfits, you can find all the info in this post! There are tons of great summer pieces and swimsuits here!

Have anything you want to add about the area?  Please feel free to leave a comment!  We loved our little tour of 30A…it totally captured our hearts! 🙂  We can’t wait to go again next year!   What a special place to visit for our family!

See you all tomorrow for Friday Favorites!! XOXO Narci

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6 replies

  1. I’m bummed these recaps are over! I loved following along on this trip. Looks like you guys had the best time! And your stop in New Orleans-great idea!!


  2. Hey Narci! Loved all the recaps of your vacay! I live in the area and enjoy seeing positive things about it! I didn’t know if you noticed teeny little Seacrest Beach nestled between Alys and Rosemary beaches? Well it is much more affordable to stay there if you love Rosemary. And since it is so close, you can walk or bike to all of their amenities and fun! Just a thought. But we did a little stay there a couple of years ago and it was perfect. 🙂


  3. What a wonderful trip! Love your photos of places and scenery and not just selfies like others post. And your willingness to try new foods, locations, have adventures. Your kids seem to take to traveling well and in the heat/humidity. Welcome home!


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