Tuesday Talk

Hey, y’all! Today, I am linking up with the sweetest girls, Ashley and Erika, for their fun link-up “Tuesday Talk!”


Each month, we link up and discuss a different topic, and I love getting help and ideas from you all! This summer, Luke finished up his last season with his rec team and will be moving to just select soccer.


As we were heading to our first tournament this weekend, I kept on feeling like there had to be some kinds of gadgets or tips that we were missing to make those long days at the soccer (or baseball ) fields more bearable!

This was me, because I totally felt unprepared.


Do I need a certain type of chair?  Should I be bringing a cooler?  Do I need one of those dome tents? haha! Parents of kids who play club sports: help me out!



This made me laugh because I really do probably look a little homeless at most soccer games…it’s just impossible to look cute when you sit in the 100 degree sun all day! ha!


Youth sports parents: please weigh in! I need all your advice!  Do’s and Don’t’s and all of the must haves!   This newbie is needing all your help!

Thank you so much for the fun link up, ladies!! XOXO N

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  1. Way to go, Luke!! And yes, I’d say you need some sort of air conditioned tent. It’s HOT!! What do I know? Remember Bowen was missing his soccer socks. 🙈🙈🙈


  2. They make this air conditioning system from an igloo cooler. I have never seen one but my friend made one from watching a YouTube video. But I’m pretty sure you can never go wrong with a nice cold cocktail in your yeti!


  3. Both of my kids play travel sports and we are in the sun ALL day! We take comfy chairs (invest in one they are worth it)..we take umbrella’s for the high heat day instead of lugging our big tent around…but I will say if you have a long wait periods between games the tent is definitely useful. COOLERS are a must! We keep lunch meat, crackers, drinks, cheese sticks, pickles, you name it! Cooling towels are a must too in this heat! I normally wet some wash cloths from home and seal them in a gallon size bag and dip them in cold water throughout the day and my kids love it! Sorry for the long post but I have been doing this for 5 years now and every summer I swear we are quitting! LOL Good luck friend!


  4. All of what Laci said! The cooling towels are lifesavers. Also we have a tailgate wagon to haul all our stuff from field to field.


  5. We live in Tucson and EVERYONE has an Artic Cove from Home Depot. You fill a giant 5 gallon bucket with water place the fan on top and it feels like AC. The best $80 we spent 🙂


  6. We have a canopy tent for travel baseball and we LOVE it! They’re on sale at Dicks right now for like $50 and it’s so worth it. I bring lots of frozen water bottles in my cooler so they can have cold water as they defrost. And lots of snacks that aren’t too heavy. . .nothing yuckier than running around with a full belly in that heat!


  7. I second all the ideas here! We have a “sportbrella XL” and it’s awesome for sun/rain/snow. I know you don’t have snow, I’m in Utah! A wagon to haul all the crap Is a necessity! You’re basically packing for camping at the ball field 😉! Have fun! Cooling fans (with the water buckets are awesome for you AND the team!


  8. We are heading into our 6th club year. I highly recommend a wagon. We also have chairs with the canopy shade. Good chairs are a must. ( I just saw some last week that had a fan build in. They were $50 each.) We have a canopy, a beach style umbrella and cooling towels. We keep 2 of the frog toggs in Brayden’s bag / player cooler at all times. We also have the misting fan sprayers. We also keep a cooler full of drinks and snacks. And when we orfer uniforms I always order an extea pair of the socks. Most tourneys are rain or shine. Wet socks are no fun at all. For raining games / tourneys we put Brayden soccer bag in a big trash bag. Works great! We also keep towels and a change of clothes in the car. For tourneys the moms always wash our boys uniforms so a sharpie to write his number on the tags is helpful. We slways take a baggie full of tide pods and a few dryer sheets. Its crazy expensive to buy from hotel. I have a little plastic tote thing I keep in my car with sunscreen, bug spray, hand sanitizer, Advil, bandaids, sports tape and a ice pack that has to be activated. Hope this helps some. We LOVE club soccer. The friendships we have made have been amazing.


  9. This is our third year to do summer track. The first year we bought ones of those large arbor type tents for our family of 5. So even though it wasn’t cheap it has gotten much use. We have two of those frog tog towels because our little track star ends up out in the sun alot. They are so great to cool off. And the rest of us end up using them when our son is not. I’m burning up and feeling near death in the shade. I have no clue how he’s running sprints. Then we bring our cooler with lunches and tons of water and other drinks. Then the little brothers pack a back pack full of books and other things to keep them entertained. It’s a long day!


  10. Hi Narci! Not a club soccer parent yet, but grew up playing club soccer, still play, ref, and now I run the club soccer tournaments. I feel like I’m somewhat qualified in making a suggestion or two. 🙂 If I could tell you anything, it is this– it will always be 10 degrees different at the soccer field.If it’s reading 50 degrees at your house, it will feel like 40- degrees at the fields. So, dress for the weather and always keep some blankets and cold weather gear (handwarmers, scarves, gloves, beanies, etc.) in the car in the winter. Layers are key. If it’s reading 80 degrees, it will very well be 90+ when you get out there, so you should prepare with lots of drinks, cooling towels, etc. If the players get warm, water down the neck cools you faster than pouring it on top of your head.

    My mom would always keep her chair and umbrella in the car just to cut back from lugging it from garage to car 3x a week. She also always left her rain boots and rain jacket in the car since you never know with this Texas weather. To this day, I always keep a large trash bag in my soccer bag to put the soccer bag in in case it rains to keep all the other uniforms dry. Also, keep uniform pieces in ziploc bags inside the soccer bag to keep them from getting stinky and/or lost. Leave dryer sheets in the bag to keep the bag from getting (too) stinky because trust me, it will. Changes of clothes, shoes, etc need to be on-hand all the time. Also a small first aid kid is always helpful when all you need is a band-aid.

    Also, chocolate milk is the best for recovery. We always had to down a little carton of it after every tournament game. Can’t stress enough either how important hydration is leading up to tournaments, especially the ones in the hot months.

    Sorry for the long comment! Soccer has been my life for the past 24 years and I can’t imagine life without it! I could talk forever about it. Good luck and have a wonderful time! ❤


  11. Yeah as a soccer parent in Arizona where it is crazy super hot these things are necessary and carted by almost every parent — wagon to haul your gear (Costco has the best ones), foldable chairs, either a beach umbrella (Costco) or sportsbrella or a easy up canopy to give you shade, cooler with tons of snacks and drinks, beach blanket for kids to play on, misting pump (amazon all day – get two you wont regret it and luke will be super cool with the team). Patience and a willingness to say goodbye to your Saturdays for a long time especially with more than one kid in sports. Have fun, cheer them on and come prepared


  12. I played travel softball for close to 10 years… my mom always came prepared! A wagon is a must… make sure its one that folds up easily. Also, wet some wash cloths and put them in a ziploc bag and throw it in the freezer to get them froze and stick them in a cooler for the tournaments. Yeti cups(fill ’em with ice before you leave), towels, sports umbrella, frozen waters/gatorades (put a frozen water on the ground and roll the arch of you foot over it… cools ya down), lots of snacks, first aid kit, advil, whatever you use for cramping (pickles, bananas, meds), a hat/visor, and a pair of flip flops are always a must. We also kept a bigger cooler with lots of drinks and snacks in our car and filled a smaller one with a couple of things to tote into the games. Run out and restock it between games… makes your load a little lighter. Also, some tournaments are picky about taking personal coolers in the games… get one that looks like a cute bag and they will never know!


  13. I didn’t read all the comments so I may be saying what has already been said but this is our first year with tournament softball. I now keep a case of water in my car as well as my yeti all the time now. I also keep a bag stocked with non perishable snacks, Frogg Toggs, a portable phone charger, extra ziploc bags (think ice bag for injury or to separate snacks in for your kids), a ziploc with a few first aid items (I don’t go over the top), a plastic grocery bag for trash (kids and snacks ya know), some gum, chapstick, sunscreen and bug repellent, small portable fans for each person and cash for entry/concessions. I sometimes choose to pack the iPad for my kids who aren’t playing but I actually haven’t used it—-I have however used my phone and YouTube for entertainment. We do have a sport umbrella and bring chairs but a lot of the time there are covered bleachers and we use those too with our bleacher seats.


    • We also bring a pair of slides for flip flops for my daughter to rest her feet from the cleats as well as a beach blanket for her to lay on in the shade between games!


  14. Having played soccer for 20 years, 10 of which were in club and 4 in college, I feel like I can weigh in a little. I wasn’t the one on the sidelines, but my parents invested in nice chairs and a sports umbrella. The umbrella is perfect for rain or sun!
    Also, always keep a garbage bag in your soccer bag – you’ll want this if it starts raining!
    My mom has a bag that she keeps gloves, hats, blankets in all the time. She leaves this in her car so we always have it. Also, invest in a big waterbottle that doesn’t sweat but keeps the water ice cold. Hydroflask is a good choice!


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