What’s Going on

Hey, hey friends!!  Well, the lazy days of summer just haven’t hit around here yet…It’s been a busy few weeks….Jackson is doing summer football workouts and gearing up for Fall JV football.  Presley is playing summer soccer, and Luke is practicing with his soccer team.

This showed up in my Facebook feed, and I totally had to laugh!  Oh my stars!


That is the kind of exercise plan that I can handle right now!

So, what’s been going on? I’m so glad you asked ;)…..

I’ve been photographing some awesome families! 🙂 img_0095

And, when it’s summer, we totally have to enjoy the days where a shower, makeup, and real clothes happen!  Amen! img_0055-1

These days are full of finding the most ginormous float ever.  img_0097

This one is for lake floating, and it made us want to hit the lake ASAP!

And, cozy time on the couch with my best girl!img_0087

We’ve been enjoying reading in bed when we canimg_0111

and watching our newest soccer player strut her stuff!img_0106

This pic popped up in my memories, and I can barely handle how tiny these sweethearts are!  These were some fun days, but I wouldn’t give up the stage we are in right now either!img_0093Also happening? Luke is at soccer camp with his best soccer budsimg_0120

And, I just know they are having a blast over at the FC Dallas campus!img_0117

Every soccer player’s dream! Also, I am reading these two books, and I can’t wait to share what I think of them and my other picks later this week!


Reading in the summer is just my absolute favorite.  These really are the days! Happy Tuesday friends!   See you back here tomorrow for more fun!! XOXO Narci

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  1. Gotta love summer! Any chance that you have a link for the navy top with the ric rac trim on the sleeves?
    Thanks for sharing!


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