Bible Study, Christian Books, and Bible recommendations!

Hey, friends!  I hope you had an amazing weekend!!  A popular question around here revolves around my favorite Bibles for kids, Devotionals for mamas, Christian Lit, and Bible Studies. I am so happy to share my favorites here with you in one post today.

There are so many great books out there, but these are the ones that really spoke to me and made a marked difference in my walk with the Lord.  I hope you love them, too! So, here we go!

Christian Books, Devotionals, and Bible Studies


This book is my all-time favorite and is so good! It came at the exact time that I needed it and was just what my heart needed to hear at that very moment.  If you struggle with prayer, let this be the first book you read.  Even if you don’t, read it too…It’s that good.

Armor of God

So,  exactly one year after I read Fervent, I picked up this Bible Study which is very similar to Fervent!  You will love this one as a follow up to Fervent or on it’s own!  Also, if you prefer a Bible Study Format, then this is a great place for you to start.  You will be so blessed by this one!


The Best Yes


This next book is for all of my people pleasers out there (aren’t we all this in some form or another?)!  In this book, Lysa talks about giving yourself permission to say no when needed….and saving your yes for the things that truly matter.  I feel like there are a million books about being BUSY, but this is the one that provided the most practical and Biblical process about simplifying your life to allow more room for God to work in it.



If you are looking for a challenging Bible Study, then I can’t recommend this one enough.  This one required me to dig deep and really STUDY my Bible, but it was just so rewarding in the end.  The lessons are so applicable to this world and the videos are so good!  So, if you need to go a little further, this one is for you!  This study stretched me a ton!  I loved that!

Finding I am


This study is the perfect mix of tender-hearted and Bible Centered.  I could totally see how this would be so helpful to someone who’s struggling.  I totally recommend this one!

The Applause of Heaven


Well, I just love Max Lucado and his writing. This book is another great one and is so encouraging and uplifting!   I read this last year, but I think I might pick it up again!  It was that good!


Teen Boy Bible

So, for Jackson, I wanted something a little more mature, but with some great life application features!

In this Bible, there are little sidebars all throughout with scenarios, in depth study, and prayers that are applicable to teen life.  I love that!

And lots of encouraging information for young men!

So, if you have a teen boy in your life, this is a great option!

Boys’ Bible

I picked this one up for Luke!

It has lots of cool facts and application tips for boys as well!  Luke is a great little reader, and these tips provide an extra little bit of information to add to his understanding and keep him interested.

Luke is really enjoying this one as well!

Girls’ Bible

Here’s the one I picked out for Presley.  Truth be told, I want this one for myself also!

I debated getting one meant specifically for girls her age, but Presley is my artist…and I knew that this would be right up her alley.  There are pages for her to color…

and wide margins for pictures, her favorite verses, and such.  

She’s  a visual learner, so these artistic verses are so great for her learning style, too!  This was a big hit with our creative girl!

My Bible


My Bible is the SheReads Truth Bible in Poppy Linen, and I love it!  It’s in paragraph form and super easy for me to read.  And, the cover is this pretty color too!  win-win!


I hope I answered any questions y’all might have!  Know of a great Bible, Christian Book, or Bible Study?  Share yours in the comments!! Happy Monday, y’all!! XOXO Narci

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  1. I ordered Fervent a couple of months ago from your suggestion. I just ordered the Bible for boys for my grandson who is turning 11 later this month.

    Thank you for the great suggestions!


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