Three Things

Hey, Hey friends!! I don’t know about y’all but I love reading those little personal updates on the blogs that I follow! My girlfriend, Andrea, does a post where she shares “Three Things” about each family member, so I am sharing something similar with you today!  Here we go

Rob and Narci


  1. We went on our first date night in forever this weekend.  We met some sweet friends at a yummy restaurant Tupelo Honey, and it was delicious!  If you are local, you should totally check it out!!
  2. Work is busy for both of us!  Rob’s company recently transitioned after being sold (again! haha!  I think this makes for the 4th time since he started working there!) and will be moving to the other side of the Metroplex soon.  Big changes ahead for him!  Alot of you have asked what he does, and he is Microwave Engineering Manager for a major telecom company.  Basically, he manages the installation of the technology that makes your cell phones and emergency responder systems work.  There’s a more technical way to explain this, I am confident, but I am the girl who calls tech support out because I forgot to plug my monitor in….(True story.)
  3. I can hardly believe it, but I’m already putting the finishing touches on our Fall photography calendar!  I feel like we were just wrapping up Fall, but here we go again…and I couldn’t be more excited!  I think it’s going to be an awesome Fall and Holiday Season! Yahoo!


  1. What in the name of High School Football….Jackson has been hard at work with Football this summer!  On Mondays thru Thursdays, he goes up to the high school and trains for about two hours which is amazing to me, because I usually quit about 30 minutes into the hour workout class that I go to.  😉 He is so excited for JV football, and I can’t wait to watch him play again this Fall.  Bring on the Thursday night lights, y’all!
  2. Say it ain’t so…..After playing for 4 years, Jackson is retiring his violin to focus on his academics and football.  He did a lot of running around from one thing to the next last year, so I was super impressed by this mature choice to cut back!  Also, he’s starting to seriously think about colleges and admissions and such.  We have an exciting few years ahead for him!  Also, can I say that 15 is really a great age, in my humble opinion!   I am loving him and all of his sweet friends.  They really are a lot of fun!
  3. Smartie pants…..Speaking of fun, Jackson got his AP scores back for Geography, and he got the highest score that was possible.   Who even does that?  Isn’t that amazing?  I’m not telling you this to brag, but instead to show you that Brains aren’t always genetic….When I attended his middle school geography bee, the only question I could answer correctly the entire morning was the capitol of Texas.  ha.


  1. Soccer talk…..I mentioned this awhile back, but Luke signed with his select team and we are pumped to watch him play in August!   If you ask him, he still wants to be a soccer player when we grows up.  He’d like to be the next David Beckham and has plans to play in the FIFA World Cup in 8 years….Rumor has it that it will be in Dallas that year, so that would be super convenient for us, right? I love his big dreams. 🙂
  2. Here we go again…..Luke turned 10 this summer, and I’ve noticed that he REALLY IS getting older…I mean, baby Luke is gone, and I have another sweet BIG boy over here on my hands.  It is a little sad, but mostly I am so thankful that we have such awesome boys!  It makes them growing up way easier when your littles turn out to be amazing and a lot of fun!
  3. I’ll take two please…..And with his big boy status, I’ve noticed that his appetite has grown too!!  He eats every meal like it might be the last he ever has!  haha!



  1. A Jane of all trades….well, Presley is in the middle of her summer soccer schedule and is loving it so much. So, if you are keeping track, Presley would like to play soccer, volleyball, do Ballet, and resume tumbling….if we could work in a cheer squad and softball while we are at it, then that would be great for her too.  haha! I love her and how athletic she is, but we are making her pick because who has time for all that? For now, Volleyball is still her number one, and I am thanking my lucky stars that she picked an air conditioned sport.  (And all the mamas said Amen!)
  2. You be you, girl.…I am LOVING watching her personality really develop as she gets older. She is super sweet and always thinking about others feelings.  She’s also tender hearted and has a big heart for her friends and family. Also, don’t mess with her, because she did grow up with two big brothers and she can hold her own if it comes to a dog fight (either verbally or physically).  I’ve seen it happen, people! haha!
  3. Working hard…In 2nd grade, she really came into her own academically.  Watching her push ahead has been such a blessing! Big things ahead for this girl in third grade!

Happy Tuesday, friends!! I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into our world.   Have the best day! XOXO Narci



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  1. I loved this post! You should add that Luke can put away a pizza like nobody’s business. It’s impressive to watch. 🙂 He also has the best manners! You’ve got 3 great kids. Well done, Mama!


  2. Thank you for sharing a bit of your lives. Your kids are growing up fast but they sound like nice kids too. That can be difficult in today’s world. Good job to you, Rob, and Jesus.


  3. What grade is Jackson going to be in this fall? My son is starting high school this year, and I am a bit nervous!


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