Oh hey, Costco :)

Hey, y’all!   I am about to talk about something that some of you are going to think is SO FUN and some of you are going to think is my lamest post ever.  haha.  If you fall into that last category, please accept my apologies in advance and know that I will try to be way cooler tomorrow.  😉

At the end of July, Costco opened up here in McKinney!

Some of you just exited out of this post, but for the rest of you….you KNOW how fun this is.  All I know is that as a mom of two growing boys I was super pumped about this! haha!

So, Luke and I popped up there for a little date to check it out!  It was a little overwhelming the first visit, but we quickly fell in love!   So, today, I am sharing some of my favorite newbie Costco finds and asking for your tips on what we NEED to buy there also.   :). I have so much to learn! Costco people: teach me your ways!

Here are my faves so far:

Hawaiian Bread

Okay, who doesn’t love Hawaiian Bread, right?  I use these for my Ham and Cheese sliders recipe , and they are so much less expensive at Costco! This is a must if you love these.


French Baguettes

Okay, the last time I went to Costco, several people had these baguettes in their carts.  I am not one to argue with the people, so I followed right along and added them to my cart as well.  They heat up really well and were perfect with a little butter especially!   They are a great crusty bread for a decent price!


Jalapeno and Artichoke Spread


My name is Narci, and nothing makes me happier than cream cheese…It’s true.  Throw in some artichokes and Jalapeños and I am in heaven!

Naan Bread


We used this bread for the dip above, and I could probably eat this whole box by myself.  haha.  Thankfully, the boys always beat me to it, and I’ve never been able to try. 🙂

Mediterranean Salad


We grabbed this Salad on a whim, and I love that it came with all the fixings including dressing and is big enough for a group when you are hosting a few families.  It tastes delicious too!


What staples are cheaper at Costco?

We buy lunchmeat, cheese, eggs, bread, strawberries, and blueberries.  These are staples in our house and this turns out to be much cheaper than buying them even at Walmart.

Same Day Delivery

They also offer free delivery through instacart (we tipped our delivery person using the website though) which I think is amazing!  We set this up to deliver the morning after we got back from vacation, and it was pure perfection!

So, tell me what’s your favorite find at Costco? I am all ears!  Leave a comment and let me know what deals I am missing! 🙂

If you want to see Luke’s review of Costco and his Instastory debut…you can view the videos below. 🙂

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Happy Tuesday, y’all! XOXO Narci

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  1. We’re all so pumped about the new store in town!! I loaded up on snacks when I was there…trail mix, nuts, goldfish, string cheese, and Veggie Straws just to name a few.


  2. The rotisserie chickens are so good and big for $4.99!! Also the sheet cake from the bakery is the best I’ve had- it has a cheesecake mousse filling that is just delicious and under $20 for a half sheet! We also love the produce, 3 pack of organic ground beef for $20, k-cups, cereal, peanut butter, frozen fruit for smoothies, and TRIPLE chocolate brownie mix. You can also always return anything- even food that’s been opened if you don’t like it or something is bad. The prepared food is also really good for an easy dinner, too.


  3. When we went, Carter’s favorite part was sitting on all of the couches and rating their comfort level! 🙂 I’m going to need to try some of your favorites too…that dip and Naan bread looks amazing!


  4. I LOVE Costco!!! Seriously, if Costco paid for advertising, I think I could make a living. 🙂 Our favorite snack items are the individual hummus cups (near the dip you posted about – which we love too, but I have no will power over so I don’t buy it, lol), string cheese, go-gurt, Tillamook individual cheese packs and also their Tillamook sliced cheese, beef jerky (Oberto is our favorite beef brand, but Costco’s pork jerky is amazing too!!!), microwave popcorn (so cheap!), and individual snacks like fruit snacks and crackers & fruit leather. For meals, I love their frozen cheese pizza, frozen potstickers, and hamburger patties. We love the Mediterranean salad you posted about, and their mushrooms & asparagus that we roast in a pan. Milk is a great buy there (eggs are not), fresh hamburger, and their raw pork ribs are such a good deal!!! I could on and on – but those things make it into our cart a lot. 🙂


  5. I am a big fan of Costco, not so much Instacart since they aren’t very transparent in how they make their money. I had a Costco delivery done from them and I was really happy about it until I compared the receipt that my delivery person gave me with what I was charged by Instacart! I know that’s how they make their money, but I paid a little over $200 for $160 of items, so whatever bulk savings there was from Costco was wiped out. I just wish they’d been clear about what their markup was!


  6. We are there every week! Why am I so tempted by all the things in bulk?!

    Some of our staples are: spinach, romaine, trail mix, honey, chicken, ground beef, tortilla chips, oatmeal, fig bars, paper towels, toilet paper, Greek yogurt, and their rotessire chickens are great! (And the chicken salad they make from the leftover chickens)


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