Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday!  Woohoo!  And all the people said Amen.  Am I right?  Today, we are hosting Friday Favorites with my girls, Erika and Andrea, so let’s get started!!  This weekend, I have some work, we have a soccer tourney, a high school football kickoff, church and more.  It’s goin’ to be a busy one for sure, so let’s enjoy our coffee this morning and get started!!

Birthday Giveaway

Let me tell you!   Hosting a giveaway on your Birthday is the best way to celebrate!   Nicole Owens: you are our big winner!! Congratulations, girlfriend!!

Costco Favorites


You ladies are my people, because you love a good Costco find just as much as I do!   Hop on over to my post earlier this week to see what items I love to buy at Costco!!

A few Fall finds

And, recently shared my favorite Fall finds.  So, if you are starting to build up your Fall wardrobe, you can find it all here!

Oh baby and my Fall session calendar

If you know me, you know that love me some sweet babies…and I’ve been knee deep in some baby cuteness this week.


Seeing sweet babies is definitely my favorite!  Also on deck?  FALL SESSION scheduling!! Hello, Christmas cards and family pictures! :). This is my favorite time of the year to be capturing sweet families on the DFW area. 🙂


You can just head on over to our Facebook page to schedule a Fall session for your family.  I’d love to see you this Fall!

Happy Friday, friends!! Don’t forget to link up with your favorites below!! XOXO Narci


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  1. Oh, my, those babies, I could just squeeze them. Beautiful photos and yes, it’s time to start thinking about Cmas cards. Time is flying by wayyyy to fast!!!!


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