A Day in the Life–Saturday Edition

Happy Tuesday, y’all!! Over on Instagram, I started documenting just a normal Saturday over here at our house…and it kind of turned into a very unplanned Day in the life. 🙂 I started my day with coffee and my Bible, but I whipped up a breakfast for my three (not-so) little people shortly afterimg_1387img_1388

You will have to excuse my lack of pictures of Jackson at this time….he is so busy with all the football practices and such…I feel like I barely see him!  img_1389

Presley was just a spectator on this particular day, and she was pumped about it!

This video doesn’t exist


Our first stop was to watch Luke play!  His team was in a placement tournament for the league they will be playing in this season.  They qualified for the first division, and it was so fun to watch them back in action!img_1392

When you have fine, wavy hair….and a lot of it…it almost never stays where it’s supposed to. 🙂img_1393-1

After soccer, I went to my session for the day

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and saw this CUTE baby girl while was there! 🙂img_1396

and then scurried on over to Jackson’s first football scrimmage!  img_1397-1

I would like to note that it was 1 million degrees outside and I was struggling. haha. After a quick shower, we went to Costco and the grocery store. :). I found this apple pie, and I wasn’t sad about it! haha!


And, then I did some cleaning!

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Afterwards, I finally had a moment to sit down and read…this book is so cute!  I am really enjoying it!img_1403

And, we took a little family vote for dinner.  Papa John’s won…it isn’t my favorite pizza place, but my kitchen stayed clean so it was a win for me regardless!img_1404

After dinner, we cozied up and watched a movie!img_1405

The movie finished up by 8:00 and the kids went to bed shortly after.  I was out cold by 8:30 pm.  Mama had a busy day, and I needed my beauty rest! 🙂

Have a great day, y’all!! See you back here tomorrow! XO Narci


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  1. That was a busy Saturday – I’m tired just reading about it. 😉 I love the pictures and your captions. And a love a day in the life post.


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