Back to School: The Sweet Spot :)

Hey, hey, y’all!! On Monday, my crew went back to school.  I have to admit that I am one of those mamas who just prefers her kids to be at home in my nest.  I miss them when they are gone!  But these 3, they are ready for the upcoming year, and that makes me so happy!

I was talking with one of my girlfriends recently, and I told her that I felt like our family was kind of in a “sweet spot” this school year.  It was SO hard to send Presley to kinder since she’s the baby. And, having a middle schooler and freshman is an ADJUSTMENT (to put it lightly), but right now we are just in a sweet spot. Next year, Luke graduates 5th grade and heads to middle school, and the following year Presley does so in addition to JACKSON GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL.  Did you just panic a little, or is that just me?? haha!  My heart rate is a little elevated as I type this. 😉

So, this year, we are going to enjoy the sweet spot…3rd grade, 4th grade, and a 10th grader….they are going to have an amazing year!  These are the days, right?


ready for their day!


and new backpacks for the win!  This year, I had very little involvement in their clothing or backpack choices…haha!  All three of them have very strong thoughts on what they should be wearing, and I am just here for the show, now. 🙂img_1537

Jackson leaves at 6:30 for football, but he still had a smile for his mama!  Thank you, Jesus!img_1374-1

This girl has Luke’s teacher from last year who we LOVE and a great set of friends as well!  She couldn’t be happier!img_1377

I snapped a picture of Luke walking in on the sly.  🙂 He’s too cool for a desk picture this year. 🙂 Afterwards, I met my girlfriends for breakfast.  I just love these mamas!


And, let me tell you that all three kids had an awesome school day!  They all came home happy and full of stories about the day!  Luke loved his teacher, Presley pretended to be a puppy dog at recess, and Jackson liked all his classes and football.  Who can argue with a day like that, right?

Oh, how I love them all!


See y’all back here tomorrow, friends! XOXO Narci

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