What’s Going On

Happy Tuesday, friends! 🙂  I am just sharing a few things that are going on around here!

Student Council Elections

Both Luke and Presley have decided to flex their political arm and run for homeroom class representative! :). If you want to know what we did this past weekend, we made 10 posters just like these (5 for each kiddo!) 😉



Several people in each of their homerooms are running, so the chances of them winning are reallllly small…but I am impressed by their desire to go and try!   These two have my vote for sure!

Volleyball FUN

Our Presley girl started back at Volleyball, and oh it was so fun to watch this weekend!img_1898

Her little team is super sweet!   We love watching them play.  I think Volleyball might be my favorite sport, because it’s indoors. haha!img_1883

After volleyball, we cozied up on the couch and watched my Rebels play.  I’m not going to lie…seeing them give up so many points makes me terrified to play Bama this weekend, but we were happy to see a win nonetheless!

This Dress

And, finally, I have been WANTING To show this cute dress to you girls!!  If you  are in the market for a cute dress for work or church this Fall, I am loving this one!  It comes in gorgeous colors, fits perfectly, and this particular color is the prettiest color ever!  I tried to get a full body picture of this one, but I kept on failing terribly! haha!


I sized up, and it was super flattering and not too tight at all!  I am thinking that I could have gone with my normal size, and it would have been more of a body con fit.   So, order according to how you would like this dress to fit! 🙂  I am seriously thinking about ordering this one in the pink or red as well!71lDCBdX9ML._SL1500_

Here it is in the pink!


Have a great day, friends! See you back here tomorrow! XOXO N

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