Confessions of a Soccer Mom: Inside my Mom Taxi Service


Today, I am talking a little about what I consider a pretty big part of my days…Yes, I am a photographer and a blogger but my best job is being mama to our three sweet and FUN, WILD, CRAZY, and BUSY kids.  🙂img_9624

Right now, we are going through a stage where the kids are just busy going to and from different activities.  🙂   So, one of my biggest roles is playing mom Taxi service!

I was a baseball mom for 10 years turned football mom turned  soccer mom turned cheerleading coach. 🙂 I’ve carted kids to Wednesday night church, dance lessons, tumbling lessons, private lessons, volleyball practice, Orchestra practice, Bible Studies, and even a Karate practice or two. (Karate never quite stuck with that kiddo, but I loved it! haha!)


Quite often, I get emails asking how we pull it all off and asking for advice!   I always preface my thoughts with the following: Sometimes we mess it up or need help from our friends to make it work. We certainly aren’t perfect in this or any other area!  IMG_2023

Thankfully, I have had the privilege of knowing a few mamas who are just ahead of me in parenting (they have college aged kiddos and empty nesters). Those friends have always encouraged me to settle into whatever stage we were at and ENJOY it…whether it was diapers and bottles or this season where we meet ourselves coming and going. 🙂IMG_2026

And that advice has always just kind of stuck with me as a mama. I also think struggling with infertility and wanting to BE a mom for so long made this easy advice for me.  My heart was already pointed in this direction. 🙂

Some days are exhausting, but being a mama is such a gift for me.  I don’t want to take it for granted. 🙂


Anyhow, in no particular order, here are my favorite mom hacks for this stage of life!

Tip 1: Write it all down, and then write it down again! IMG_2027

I have 4 calendars in my world: 1 paper calendar for me to keep track of our family stuff, a phone calendar to share with my hubby, a dry erase wall calendar near the garage so my kids know what’s going on, and my work calendar on a scheduling app on my phone.    I update these calendars all the time, and having them is the best way for us to stay organized!

Tip 2: Pack it all and Prepare it the Night or Day before


In my car, on any given night: I have at least two kinds of sports balls, water jugs filled, extra snacks because my people are always hungry, a book to read during my down time, a blanket in case we need it, sports chairs and more.  Being prepared makes all those nights away from home that much easier! 🙂

Tip 3:  Make some things simple, so other things can be complicated.

Does that make sense?  Let me try to explain….You should know that I do not possess the magical lunch powers that create special bento box lunches.  ( I am thoroughly impressed by these mamas that are gifted in this area).  I will not be making my kids’ sandwiches look like the “Sushi roll sandwiches” that we see on Pinterest.  😉 Sometimes, you have to allow some things to be simple in your life because you only have so much TIME, SPACE, BRAIN POWER and that’s totally okay. 🙂   Dig in to the areas that matter for your family, and just let the rest be simple. 🙂

Tip 4: Do your best, pray, and then be like Elsa and “Let it go” 😉

We can remember 99% of what’s going on, but that means that some things are just going to fall through the cracks.  When they do, let it go and move on to the next task at hand. 🙂

There we go! If you have any pro tips for being a busy mom, please leave them in the comments!  We all need the help! I will see you guys back here tomorrow for Friday favorites! XO Narci

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  1. When I was a sports mom and driving all over the world- my best tip was make your car your office…..I was in my car more than my house (it felt like it). So I had a great car smelly thing to make it smell nice, I had hand lotion and lip balm in my car, I had podcasts, audio books, music, and always my kindle and things I could do in my car while I was waiting for kids. I also had a tweezers (good plucking light in the car :)) and made phone calls or did nice “thinking of you” cards for friends and family. Use the time- and multi talk. I also cleaned out my purse, organized my car glove box and insurance papers, or watched You Tube video. I also did my Bible study in the car. Make it fun, mamas. PS your car also makes an awesome war room (prayer room) so pray away while in the car.


  2. I always love hearing how other moms do it! We’ve just entered the sports phase with our oldest, who is in Pre-K this year. We did tee ball in the Spring and are just beginning soccer. I find it difficult with one child in activities (we also have a 2 year old and a 4 month old) but I’m savoring these days where we only have one game a week and don’t have to divide an conquer because I know that’s going to happen all too soon. You’re doing a great job, Momma!


  3. I am a sports mama too and agree with everything on your list. I think settling in and enjoying and embracing the seasons help so much. We know this season is going to be a little hectic with all the sports and activities. We also make family time and rest a priority as well. I love all of your advice!


  4. Wonderful post. I actually had to magnets on my car when I was a taxi mom: Gym taxi and swim taxi, gymnastics and swimming! Club sports can rule your lives. It sounds like you have a firm handle on it.


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