What’s Going On :)

Hey, hey, y’all!! Happy Wednesday to you from me! 🙂 Here’s just a little bit of what has been going on around here. 🙂

Life has been all about dressing in red and blue to support my favorite college team. 🙂


and crazy sunsets before the storm!img_2112

Life has been a little Holiday sneak in my Pottery Barn catalog!img_2105

Doesn’t this front porch just make you ready for Christmas?  It has me getting so excited!  It also has me wanting to move downtown to a house that looks just like this.  Wouldn’t that be FUN?!img_2106

What’s been going on?  I’ve been ramping up my sessions lately.  This country road is one of my favorite locations….and will also forever make me a little creeped out after reading the Breakdown.  If you drive down a country road like this regularly, I suggest you don’t read that book.  🙂img_2116

While I was working…Presley started her outdoor soccer season, and she had an absolute blast!   This girl is loving all these sports!   She played in Luke’s position in the first half and goalie in the 2nd, and it’s so interesting to see how all those backyard games of blocking her big brother’s shots, and passing have prepared her to play.  🙂   img_2121

Also fun, Saturday trips to Sonic because we can. 🙂img_2127-1

and a fun night OUT with friends to the Hope Center gala.  We had the pleasure of hearing Tony Evans speak, and it was such a blessing.  img_2135

I wish I got a better picture of my dress!  It is darling!   I wanted something conservative and that I could wear again!  🙂 Rob and I grabbed a pic when we made it home!  I have GOT to remember to start taking pics at the beginning of our date nights. 🙂img_2136img_2140

Life has been full of the cutest middle school girls on Sunday morning. 🙂


and some Sunday soccer afterwards. 🙂img_2198

And finally a little Sunday night dinner with friends.  Presley is a big fan of this sweet  girl at our church, and I am too!   🙂img_2206-1

Have a great day, y’all!  I will see you here tomorrow with our Fall Home Tour! Yahoo!! 🙂

XOXO Narci

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