What’s Up Wednesday! :)

Hey, y’all!!  Happy Wednesday!

Today, I am linking up with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel for their super FUN link-up: What’s up Wednesdays.  I just love sharing what is going on with us every month!   Let’s get started!

The last Wednesday of each month, we answer these questions.  Here we go!

What we’re eating this week….

We are still trying eat healthy over here! Lots of lean meats and veggies!

Monday–Leftover Zuppa Toscana and Baked Mac and Cheese

Tuesday–Moms Night Out (Eggs and Bacon for dinner!)

Wednesday–Baked Chicken


Friday Pizza Night

What I’m reminiscing about… 

I am reminiscing about all the HOMECOMING fun from last year.


We had a blast celebrating our first High School homecoming, and we can’t wait for all the festivities this year as well!

What I’m loving…

I am loving all the fun that we’ve been having together lately!


What I’m wearing…

What am I wearing?  Well, I love this pair of jeans


They have the perfect amount of distressing and are nice enough to wear to work or out to dinner.  🙂 Yes, ma’am.


I also loved this army green pair as well! Aren’t they so pretty?   These scream Fall to me! 🙂


What I’m dreading…

nothing at the moment. 🙂

What I’m excited about…

Hello, Fall!! I can’t wait!

What we’ve been up to…

Just our normal sports routine.  These are the days! 🙂


What I am working on….

I am just over here working on Fall sessions!  The weather has been tough with all this rain, but hopefully it will dry up very soon!

What I’m watching or reading…

I am still working my way through this book! It’s so good!

What I am doing this weekend…


Sports and Birthday parties and a full day of shooting on Saturday for me!

What I am looking forward to next month!


Aw, yay!  Halloween fun with our friends and family!  Bring it On!

Bonus Question:  What’s your Favorite way eat or drink pumpkin?

That’s easy!  My family loves mom’s Pumpkin Bread! Yum!

Happy Wednesday, friends!!  Thank you so much for the fun link up, girls! XOXO Narci

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11 replies

  1. When if Homecoming for you guys this year? Following along with those festivities were FUN last year! Looking forward to it again!


  2. I am from Washington State and the mums are something I am not familiar with at all. I always am in awe of them. Hahaha! I love Homecoming Week!


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