Friday Favorites :)

Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday!  Yahoo! Today, we are hosting Friday Favorites with my girls, Erika and Andrea!!

Today, I am sharing one of my very favorite kinds of posts: A Day in the life! So here’s a look at my day yesterday….just a normal Thursday in my life. 🙂

My alarm was set to go off at 5:30, but I naturally just woke up at 5. Before you start feeling badly about hitting your snooze button, that doesn’t normally happen around here. ha!

First, I worked on my quiet time.  I’m using this journal separately to record how I see God being faithful on a daily basis.  It’s been so good!  I don’t want to forget all these little moments.

And then I read blogs, answered a few emails, and made breakfast for everyone! I think I mentioned that we’ve been eating healthy over here, so we’ve swapped the processed breakfasts for eggs most mornings. 🙂

I finished up lunches while the younger two ate

and fixed Presley’s hair for her. Luke does his own hair and is proud of it. 😉

Jackson went to football early and these two went off to ride the bus to school! 🙂

I had a newborn session coming at 10, so I cleaned up from the morning rush

and worked for a few hours

Afterwards, I went to set up the studio before my newborn arrived. 🙂

I had just enough time for a quick snack. Crackers and avocado mash for the win!

And, this is how I spent the next few hours. Pure sweetness!

After my session, I popped this pizza from Costco in the oven…Oh my stars, is it tasty!

And I tried to squeeze in  a few more minutes of work.

I had to hurry because Luke and Presley were having their Fun Run at school!

The kids had an absolute blast with their friends! It’s always so sweet to see them enjoying themselves so much!

I left a few minutes early so I could run to the store for a few things for dinner!

And then we did the crazy homework/dinner/sports schedule rush! Presley’s soccer practice was cancelled, so Rob took Luke to soccer and the girls went to Jackson’s football game. 🙂

I brought the president of Jackson’s fan club with me to the game!

We went home, took showers, and I wrapped up this post. I ended my day with a little reading in bed.

I barely made it to 9:45 pm.  Just a normal every day Thursday!! 🙂

Happy Friday, friends! If you need me this weekend, I will be working, working! Don’t forget to link up with your favorites below!

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